Thelma & Louise

Thelma & Louise

Whilst on a short weekend getaway, Louise shoots a man who had tried to rape Thelma. Due to the incriminating circumstances, they make a run for it and thus a cross country chase ensues for the two fugitives. Along the way, both women rediscover the strength of their friendship and surprising aspects of their personalities and self-strengths in the trying times.

The film is about Thelma and Louise - two woman, one always has to dealt with a pile of work, one is always under her husband's control. The two decide to make a mutiny. They go away from houses, travel far away, do evrything they want although there much too little time for them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Thelma & Louise torrent reviews

Mikah T (jp) wrote: I love this movie. It's a sad movie.

Peter N (de) wrote: It sucks. Not much else to say about it. If you thought the first two had non-sensical, rather pointless storylines, just wait til this one. The action is lacking as well. Things occasionally suffer from the slapstick garbage that plagues most Thai films, and it is extremely detrimental the reputation of not just the film, but the series as a whole. It almost feels like Tony Jaa is following in the footsteps of western action stars by choosing to sell out in the interest of trying to please the masses. Stick with the first two films. This one is best avoided.

Daniel K (fr) wrote: 2.5: This is one of the Blu-Rays I picked up in Hong Kong. I suspect the nostalgia element works much better on locals, but it didn't on me. It's hard to be nostalgic for and comforted by the foreign. Themes like this work much better for things one is intimately familiar with. Still, an interesting film, if one knows to accept that Chinese/Hong Kong romances are terribly melodramatic and weepy.

Randy B (nl) wrote: Passable for a movie, when you've exhausted all others. Broken City has one of the biggest casts and one of biggest busts, and I'm not talking about Catherine Zeta-Jones. Throughout, I was one nod away from falling asleep, but I kept waiting for it to turn to relevant. Hint: it didn't.

James R (nl) wrote: Barney needs to learn how to edit, could have been a really visceral, beautiful 60 minutes. It was great up till the title sequence and then it just dragged.

Joe C (br) wrote: Cute but predictable.

Evan K (mx) wrote: Hard To Follow At Times As There Is No Dialogue But It Is Brilliantly Made Through The Effects Of Nature And Sounds.

Yng Y (fr) wrote: Objectively, it is a good film, but on a personal level, it is too beautiful, airy and magical to have any real impact of the perverse relationship between brother and sister.

Timo E (ru) wrote: Relatively funny, the music is probably the best part of this film.