Them and Us

Them and Us

Lasse & Geir, two suburban boys in their late teens, kick up a row on the bus into town, making the driver call the police. They get arrested and have to spend the night in jail. The next morning they are sent home - Geir to his alcoholic mother, Lasse to his disillusioned and abusive father.

Lasse & Geir, to drabantbygutter i slutten av tenårene, lager virkelig kvalme på bussen inn til byen. Sjåføren blir nødt til å tilkalle politiet. De blir arrestert, tilbringer natten i ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Them and Us torrent reviews

Enrique R (de) wrote: It was weird...but I kinda liked it.

Cedric L (ca) wrote: Forgettable chick flick.

Charles G (it) wrote: Audrey Tautou does an excellent job. The way she can act so innocent...

Li T (de) wrote: Classic! It's one of those gotta have movies

Marie P (au) wrote: sooo sexxy.. sexxxy vincent perez, lol. and oh, yeah, good movie.

Christian C (ca) wrote: Is being gay really this boring?

Francisco F (ru) wrote: L'evangile selon Saint Jean-Luc.

mike d (ru) wrote: I finally got to see this one....and its really very interesting to watch.

Dave J (ru) wrote: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 (1951) The Bushwhackers WESTERN It is the end of the civil war, and confederate soldier Jefferson Waring (John Ireland ) vowed never to lift another gun ever again, only then as soon as he resides to another town, he comes across a land baron whose hiring outlaws against farm owners to build a railway across. The film feels very rushed making it very forgettable and such little action despite some of the drama moments being well done. 2 out of 4

Alex M (es) wrote: this film was funny and moving