Them Who?

Them Who?

David's life is changed forever after his meeting with Marcello, a clever con man.

At 36| David has a one and only ambition: to win the respect of the president of the company he works for and| in the process| to get a better position with the
substantial salary increase going with it. The time seems to have come as he is the author of a revolutionary invention that could help the firm to become more
profitable. But before he has time to present the result of his research to his manager| he is accosted by a friendly-looking man who - he will realize too late -
his nothing but a con artist. In a matter of a single night| his life is rocked... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry T (de) wrote: There is something very sweet here but its also a little uneven and odd. Kruger can't marry her dream man as her family have a curse of 1st marriages so she sets her sights on Boon so she can marry quick and get divorced. See Seth Rogan and Kate Hudson in the USA remake as im sure its on the way. You can guess the end already..................

Simon D (ca) wrote: miserable dross, a story of a man who's wife dies edited by a drunk.

Matthew M (de) wrote: Bold, brave and incredibly entertaining, This Film Is Not Yet Rated is a clever and very interesting dive into the flawed tatics of the MPAA - and the ways that they cover up the truths of what is happening.

Karlos O (de) wrote: Shows the reality of us Venezuelans

scott a (au) wrote: if u like happy gilmore then u will prob like this. light houmor gd afternoon flim

Jairo A (gb) wrote: The survivor from Part 1 quickly dies in this movie. Jason is out for revenge after witnessing his mom's beheading in the first film. This is also a very solid film, like part 1. Jason doesn't wear the iconic mask yet in this movie but it's still good. Though, I like this one a little better than part 1, it's not a whole lot better...just barely, so I still have to give it the same rating as the first film. 7/10 OR 3.5/5

Alexandra P (mx) wrote: Beautiful soviet movie, very funny in some places, very lyric in some other places, all on the backdrop of Moscow - a truly beautiful city, from what we can see here. The title song is about Alexandra, so all the more reason for me to love this movie.

Denardo G (de) wrote: I thought it was good, but the soundtrack is the real winner here.

Masorad (br) wrote: Sort of an updated Them! (1954) except the ants are replaced by sexpots with bubble shades. The production values are above-par for works of this ilk, and the bee girls' teasing is tawdry Bob Guccione lite. Notable also is the penultimate scene, when a single shot brings the whole hive crashing down, and bee girls in lab coats make good use of a jungle gym.

David W (us) wrote: A realistic look at World War 1, Paths of Glory manages to be faithful of it's source material with Kirk Douglas's Amazing Performance

Nancy S (de) wrote: I LOVE these 'Road to...' movies!! Bob Hope and Bing Crosby were super toghether!! Throw in Dorothy Lamour and WOW! The laughs don't stop!

Thomas O (it) wrote: A beautiful marriage between the two richest art forms known to man

Drew C (kr) wrote: If your hooker starts covering furniture with sheets of plastic, you better hope she's just a squirter. Otherwise it is highly likely you are about to become a ritualistic sacrifice for a chainsaw worshiping cult. Private I. Jack Chandler better find his perky runaway girl before someone finds pieces. Fun for the whole family this one is.

Scott C (it) wrote: The quintessential film noir! Every shot is gorgeous. The story is intriguing and the ending is top notch. And Kirk Douglas is such a slimy villain.