Then I Sentenced Them All to Death

Then I Sentenced Them All to Death

A young boy is adopted by a priest and his wife during the Nazi occupation of Romania during the Second World War. He befriends the village idiot, who's despised by everyone else. When a German is killed in the last days of the war, the village is threatened with total destruction unless the murderer is handed over. The villagers decide to hand over the idiot.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:Romanian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Then I Sentenced Them All to Death torrent reviews

C S (fr) wrote: One of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. Not sure why all the hype. This plot was tedious and the ending was the type you expect when the writer literally can't think if anything else to do but stop. Don't waste the time.

Pablo E (de) wrote: Debes ser futbolero para que te guste The Class of 92'. Lo soy, pero an as no me atrap. El relato es interesante, pero a veces se vuelve muy lento. Me parece que el esquema de presentar un jugador cada ciertos minutos es aburrido, pues algunas figuras estn bastante lejos de ser interesantes. Recomendable slo si te gusta el ftbol.

Ruth H (mx) wrote: Why does Movie Info say that Nasira is from Pakistan, when it is made clear in the film that she is from Syria. Those countries are not even close together!

Ayesha R (gb) wrote: What absolute crap!!! apparently its nothing to do with mothers but some monster that Angie Harmon is. Doesn't explain much in the way of how that happened and seriously I wasn't scared but astonished that people actually spent money to make this instead of making a large donation and saving others the torture of sitting through it.

Allan C (it) wrote: I'd actually say that Patrick Swayze's "Steel Dawn" is the superior post-apocalyptic film when compared to this Dolph Lundgren vehicle. To begin with, the film hardly seems post-apocalyptic and more seems like a bunch of gunfights between men in dirty fatigues on abandoned A-Team sets. The silly start involves Dolpg protecting princess Valerie Chow villainous warlord Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. There were some attempts to include Hong Kong style martial arts, but they're rather poorly done. The film's director actually actually ended up direction three Power Ranger films after this, which give you an indication as to the quality of fight scenes here. It's all just pretty bad. For cheapie post-apocalyptic trash, stick with something like "The Blood of Heroes" or even Italian garbage like "Endgame."

Joshua T (ca) wrote: This movie was hillarious when Jesse Bradford got his ass kicked.

Rosario G (fr) wrote: This film is hard... hard to the core. It is gritty, seedy, subversive, untainted by cinematic stylization, gut wrenching and above all genuine. The highlight of the film, of which not even the hardest of heads can discount, is Harvey Keitel's astounding, balls to the wall no bars hold performance as the "Bad Lieutenant." A man who not only has no name in the film, but is equally as empty inside, degenerative and amoralistic to where one finds it hard pressed whether to hate him or feel immense pity and sorrow--not just for his character, but for the archetype he represents in our society.Another thematic element that brings Bad Lieutenant beyond a character study of a disturbed individual is the element of redemption (particularly of the Christian faith, but an abstraction which spreads to humanity), find salvation in the midst of corruption, turning "bitter semen into fertile sperm" as the raped nun appropriately phrases.Keitel's character piques at the end when he has a most memorable melt down in front of an unflinching image of Jesus Christ. This Christ turns out to be a hallucination which in turn helps him find personal redemption, but whether it is enough to cure his emptiness is highly questionable.Justice is ultimately served on all ends. The film concludes appropriately on a grim note. Director Abel Ferrara outdid himself as did all other cast and crew in this seminal film, arguably one of the darkest gems of the 90's and one of the great cult films of all time.Some are bound to be turned away by its NC-17 amoralistic content and decadence, but accepting this in tandem with the underlying themes of redemption and resolution is what makes this a classic.

Mas H (ru) wrote: I thought that the directors cut made the movie a lot better.

Lovro H (gb) wrote: Honestly, this is a very well made horror movie! The story is interesting and I haven't seen a movie with a similiar plot, so it's deffinetely original. The characters aren't that interesting nor the actors can act amazingly, but the amount of intrigue and enjoyment in this movie is pretty high! I really liked this movie and I hope the sequels are as good, if not even better. The ending left some questions unanswered, but it was very satisfying to say the least. The gore and violence is not the most gruesome but it is certainly disturbing at a few times. All in all, a very intriguing movie with not so intriguing characters and shaky acting, but the movie is saved by its plot and I can't wait to see the sequels!

Rol K (jp) wrote: A must-see movie even if you don't care a whit about skiing!

Ian G (it) wrote: After hearing some loud buzz about this project at TIFF '14, particularly the fact that it was executive produced by Scorsese and even included him making an appearance to promote it at the fest, the first time he came up since the early 80's, I was intrigued. Alas the hype died down realitively early in the process once I was through the first 20 minutes of Revenge of the Green Dragon, when it became clear that it was essentially a greatest hits package by Andrew Loo and his filmmaking partners to all things Scorsese with the most obvious being Goodfellas, the Internal Affairs remake Departed, Mean Streets and even some other Italian inspired crime dramas Godfather part 2 and Once Upon a time in America. Pretty much tossed all of these concepts into a pot and changed the culture from Italian to Asian and the atmosphere back out to Flushing Queens and you are all set. They even brought in Ray Liotta as the token Hollywood actor as the FBI agent investigating the amount of illegal immigrants pouring into the city from the far east and the increasing amount of violence in the area. In the end the film is utteraly familar and ultra violent throughout and seemingly been there done that. Meh.

Daniel K (br) wrote: (Re-watched on DVD - 3 June 2013)

Duncan K (br) wrote: Johnson and Knoxville are actually decently convincing. The problem is the movie they are in is too cartoonish and yet still tries to be serious.