Thenmavin Kombath

Thenmavin Kombath

The story revolves around Manikyan (Mohanlal), Sreekrishnan(Nedumudi Venu) and Karthumbi (Shobana) and the love triangle between them. Manikyan works for Sreekrishnan and Sreekrishnan sees him like a brother. Once when they both are returning from a Mela after shopping, Sreekrishnan sees Karthumbi and gets attracted.

Best friends fall in love with the same girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aurlie B (it) wrote: Vachement bien ce film ! Pas si drle que a mais vachement bien !

Jason B (es) wrote: Had a few good parts but not enough. They tried way to hard to be stylish.

Vjosana S (es) wrote: amazing!!!!!!i wanted more!!! I wish someone had taken some kind of revenge towards Barbara although I felt kinda sorry for her.But ...very good very good

Chris D (de) wrote: ummmm. what did I just watch?

Sara C (br) wrote: just for the experience of watching

Russ B (ru) wrote: 6/10/2016: A mildly entertaining and funny film. A good cast and laughs.

John R (it) wrote: 160522: I know people who rave over this film. Myself, I have never really appreciated it...until now. Seems this film grows on me each time, especially when I compare Spinal Tap it to all the bands I listened to in the 70s, 80s, and 90s that are still, amazingly, touring. Just recently saw one of those bands, Iron Maiden, and can't help but seem them throughout this film. Spinal Tap may not make me laugh out loud but it does make me smirk subtly...often. Well worth watching and some added fun in the cameos, extra features.

Neal R (au) wrote: This film wears it age in places, but the inventive spirit of this " Zen Fable " is still holding up very well overall. It's strength seems to come less from the principal beefcake flatness of KORD's quest, and more from the guest turns of the extras who have some wonderful lines - Eli's line " But I AM a doctor ! " and that whole set peice is still hilarious, and the the monkey fight is a charmer. I'd have to say that you need a certain level of tolerance to take the corn with the cheese here, and have a sort of paitent fondness for b-grade action. but there is value in the ideas and the whole endevor has it's heart in the right place.

Vanessa M (kr) wrote: Belmondo, Belmondo, Belmondo!!