Theo Maassen: Zonder pardon

Theo Maassen: Zonder pardon

Registration of Theo Maassen's theatre performance Zonder Pardon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ugi S (jp) wrote: A minimalist and quiet forest tour film a la a lost soldier in wartime. Somehow thrilling, breathtaking and great, but sometimes it's just boring.

Gaspar O (it) wrote: Despite being a little slow, and Malin Akerman's character having you pondering the merits of taking a life, this was pretty damn good. The Doug character may well have you pondering the merits of taking another life, thus turning you into a serial killer, but I gotta give 'em credit, they did a good job of putting every self-important motivational speaker/author on Earth into a big pot, stirring it up and giving us Doug, Douche Extraordinaire. This is not an exciting film, but it's an entertaining film nonetheless. When good triumphs over douchebaggery, it's always a win. Finally, I've never singled out a critic before, and I know the idiotic twit will never see this, but I must say, Jeannette Catsoulis is an imbecile.

Tom B (fr) wrote: Few people are aware that the ideas behind both INCEPTION and BLACK SWAN were taken from Japanese Anime titled PAPRIKA and PERFECT BLUE. Both of those anime were directed by a person named Satoshi Kon. For that reason, I decided to look up other films that this man had made, and found TOKYO GODFATHERS listed amongst his most popular. It's is about a makeshift family of bums that find a thrown out baby in the trash and decide to keep it. They go on a little adventure to find it's parents. Overall, I wasn't impressed at all. I watch a lot of anime nowadays and this was pretty boring compared to most. Very dull, with a few characteristics of what most would perceive as an actual cartoon. That's one of the features that made this bad. Good anime is usually more complicated and serious-toned than most American live-action movies. TOKYO GODFATHERS was too uneventful with some fanciful moments took away the somber atmosphere. On a side note, PAPRIKA and PERFECT BLUE are fantastic thought provoking Anime.

Mike P (au) wrote: Extremely violent, well acted gangster saga starring Christopher Walken as Frank White and Larry Fishburne as his trigger happy button man. The films strength definitely stems from those two elements, but suffers from a shallow script. Still a great character for Walken that keeps you watching

Michael Z (kr) wrote: perfect to be remade in kill bill style with R rated blood and gore

Shawn W (ru) wrote: 3 middle aged men rent a beach house and hire a young stud to teach them how to "dialogue" local hardbodies. Enlightening and enriching film that taught me about the BBD - the bigger and better deal. Plus, a cameo from all girl metal band Vixen.

Afsar K (fr) wrote: Saw it. Loved it. It's all about forbidden fruit.