Therapy for a Vampire

Therapy for a Vampire

Horror comedy film following vampire count Geza von Kösznöm who's visiting groundbreaking neurologist Sigund Freud because he's bored of his life and frustrated of the "eternally long" relationship with his wife Elsa.

Vienna 1932. One evening Sigmund Freud finds a new patient on his couch. A mysterious Count| burdened by the weight his great existential secret| haunted by the
death of a lover 500 years in the past and tired of his eternally long life with his wife. What Freud does not know is that the patient is a vampire. The vain
Countess incessantly complains about not being able to look at herself in a mirror| the count tells the professor. Unaware of the fact that the count and his wife
are vampires| Freud introduces his mysterious patient to a young painter| Viktor| who paints portraits that express more than a mirror ever could. While visiting the
painter| the count takes an instant shine to Viktor's girlfriend Lucy - more so than Viktor and the countess would like. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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