There Goes the Neighborhood

There Goes the Neighborhood

There Goes the Neighborhood, released as Paydirt in most foreign countries, is a 1992 comedy film. The film tells a story of a dying prisoner who whispers the location of his loot to the facility's psychologist Willis Embry (Jeff Daniels) who heads to the New Jersey suburbs to find it.

Willis Embry, who is a psychologist in a jail, was left by his girl-friend. He has no time to be sad about it because an old man, who is very ill, tells him something about a robbery and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas P (mx) wrote: Very well made satire. It comments on doing your job well at almost any cost, the politics of issues and taking sides well, and the darling core of all media - perspective, aka spin.I was completely apprehensive about watching it since I know several ppl who have fought incredible battles to quit smoking, and others who have fought and lost the battle, remaining addicted.Despite this perspective, I enjoyed the aspect of spin played out intelligently and with a devilish, fervent relish.It totally works here bc it's not even about smoking - it's about the lies we tell ourselves in order to do the things we do, but would rationally not do in other contexts.Brilliantly handled here.A movie that makes you think.Enjoy the internal checking this may cause you, as it did for me.And probly stop smoking too..4 smoke rings out of 5

Abel D (ag) wrote: While it won't reinvent the wheel of coming-of-age films, 'Hearts' is still a well produced tale in its own right. Huge part of this goes to.two solid leads in Hopkins and Yelchin, as well as solid direction and some strong emotional 'punches'.

steve p (ca) wrote: Ok, nothin new though...

Paul M (de) wrote: Sorry, this shitty movie is an indication of how people can be so stupid as to like something when it is so in your face badly written and directed. Why not waste the audience's time trying to get us to like the stupid characters. Bad acting in this rag is the fault of the shitty screenplay. Yeah, I've been working in a comic book store for four years but I happen to have a 357 magnum at hand and am a psychotic killer. Well we better have the pimp be shown as a horrible killer too to justify what we really want which is for the "hero" to kill him in a good way so as to still be somewhat sympathetic to the psychos in the audience. I wish I had the time to comment on all the crappy contrivences of this waste of celluloid. It is just one amateur directing moment after another.

bill s (mx) wrote: Bullock had a string of these lightweight comedy romance type movies and most were as bad as this mess.

Robert D (us) wrote: The end is a let down, but I laughed while being impressed by the the overall look of the film. An underrated Allen flick.

Pavan R (fr) wrote: What a sweet portrayal of the lower middle class of England at the time it was made...superb acting and direction...when you look back it does seem like they lead a sad life..but the humour in their lives just kept them is a feel good movie

Jonny C (ag) wrote: Daft but enjoyable 80's drama with Kevin Bacon.

Rado V (br) wrote: Stereotypicial story and characters.Without any character development.Just another dull drama with a likeable cast.

Shawn S (jp) wrote: This thriller has a great story, a creepy atmosphere, solid direction from David Koepp, and a superb performance from Kevin Bacon.