There Is No Hope

There Is No Hope


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Deena D (ag) wrote: That was fun, cute and so real :)

Arthur V (ca) wrote: De 5 ani tot am evitat sa ma uit la filmul asta si acum stiu de ce. Toti prietenii mei buni stiu ca nu am nici o problema sa ma uit la cele mai scarboase si nebune filme facute vreodata, dar ce am vazut in filmul asta nu se poate compara cu nimic ce am vazut pana acum. Nu exista pe lumea asta un film mai bolnav ca si asta!

Jon P (ag) wrote: Pedro Almodovar is the master of the modern psychosexual drama and The Skin I Live In is a Frankenstein romance like nothing you've ever seen before.Without giving too much away, the film requires major suspension of disbelief in terms of its methodology. However, its characters are so disquieting, and its mysteries so precisely unveiled, that its difficult not be sucked into Almodovar's eerie world of salubrious colours and synthetic skin.Part crawling chiller, part dark comedy, Almodvar grabs the audience by the eyeballs and dangles us right where he wants us; unsure of whether we should laugh or cry. The skin you live in will never feel the same again.

April L (kr) wrote: The scene is beautiful and nicely choose brazil,the multicultural city as the background with great Chinese and Japanese actor Anthony Wong Chau Sang and J? Odagiri. it simply giving out buddhism message and lesson to audience to think.

Eli F (kr) wrote: A well balanced little surprise. Subtle black comedy of sorts.

Christopher S (ag) wrote: I don't know why some people don't like this film. There is nothing wrong with it. It's just a great story about tigers and humans and how we must learn to accept them and leave them alone, so they can survive without hunting or poaching. It has that powerful lesson that everyone should understand, because the tiger's population numbers are very low, and this film shows that. I wish people would wake up and realize what is going on in Asia and what is happening to the tiger. They are dying out and this film tries to teach us that we can make a difference, we just need to figure out how. I love this film 100%.

Joy S (br) wrote: Such a great twist on the classic love story. Meg Ryan begin the movie as the cold impersonal cardiothoracic surgeon, but ends up knowing what it is to feel and experience what life can taste like. Seth (Nicolas Cage) gives everything he can to be able to experience the love he finds for Dr. Rice. This film is an oldie but never disappoints on viewing again and again.

Stacey S (ag) wrote: A story about a young girl trying to deal with her mothers death. It was pretty decent and the children did a great acting job

Barney o (ru) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: Connery's air of class returns to make this film more interesting with character, plot and pretty good action sequencesWHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Hardly the most creative, exciting or refreshing Bonds. And arguably Connery was better in his first roundVERDICT: A forgettable but fairly good film with Sean Connery back to make Bond classy again.

Bavner D (us) wrote: Film ini mencoba menyadarkan kepada penonton, bahwa setiap orang tetap akan mampu untuk melakukan sebuah perubahan untuk orang banyak, selama Ia mau untuk berusaha keras akan hal tersebut. ... Walaupun dirinya sadar akan keterbatasan yang dimilikinya, sosok Rae memang tidak sempurna, tetapi Ia mencoba untuk menjadi terlihat lebih sempurna.

Juan C (de) wrote: Este segundo film Giallo de Bava, el cual por primera vez present al asesino con sus caractersticas vestimentas y armas que se volveran una tradicin en el genero, se basa de un vaco misterio como pretexto para desarrollar sus tan elaborados y estilizados "set-pieces" de asesinatos de bellas pero no tan frondosas mujeres, donde se hace evidente la formacin como cinematgrafo de Bava. Llama la atencin que es un film en donde a ningn personaje se le puede atribuir el titulo de protagonista ya que estos son desechados como paales recien zurrados. Como nota la mezcla de este estilizado film y la narrativa usada en el "primer" giallo (tambien de Bava) "The girl who knew too much" le sirvieron a Argento como base estructural para su cinta "The Bird with the Crystal Plumage", la cual marco la cspide de este genero italiano basado enormemente en los filmes "krimi" alemanes y las novelas del britnico Edgar Wallace.

Michael A (it) wrote: The novelty of incorperating characters from other 40's and 50's movies starts to wear it's just not all that funny,.

Brad S (it) wrote: - Excellent film. Smart, well written and well acted. It felt real. Jenny Slate and Jack Lacy are both great in it. Check it out!- At first the lead character was just too annoying for me and I couldn't get into the film, but gradually I was won over, similar to how "Frances Ha" was for me. the film also took a couple turns I didn't expect and i liked the ending and thought it made sense. Not your typical Meg Ryan type rom-com, give it a try and judge for yourself. Jenny Slate is pretty good, and her co-star Jake Lacy was different than expected. Overall this one works, give it a try and stick with it!

Delaynee A (mx) wrote: The story line of this movie was nice and simple. Unfortunately for me the delivery was slow. That is not to say that this movie was bad, just slow.

Jeff S (it) wrote: Little known fact: I also have a narrator narrating my life. I don't have a magical watch, however, although the rate at which my wallet fills and then empties itself is pretty amazing in its own right. Solidly casted, Will Ferrell especially caught my fancy - he played his role to perfection. At times, though, everything in this movie worked out just a little too conveniently for my tastes.