There Will Be Blood

The intersecting life stories of Daniel Plainview and Eli Sunday in early twentieth century California presents miner-turned-oilman Daniel Plainview, a driven man who will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals

. . The lives of the two competitive men often clash as Daniel pumps oil off the property and tries to acquire all the surrounding land at bargain prices to be able to build a pipeline to the . Eli, a local preacher and a self-proclaimed faith healer, wants the money from the sale of the property to finance his own church. Eli Sunday is one in a pair of twins whose family farm Daniel purchases for the major oil deposit located on it. brings to the partnership. W. if only for what H. W. Daniel is deeply protective of H. ) is, in reality, an "acquired" child whose true biological single-parent father (working on one of Daniel's rigs) died in a workplace accident. W. His business partner/son (H. He works hard but also takes advantage of those around him at their expense if need be. The intersecting life stories of Daniel Plainview and Eli Sunday in early twentieth century California presents miner-turned-oilman Daniel Plainview, a driven man who will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals

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Greg R (mx)

is. . . . I've seen worse, but it's kind of a disappointment that the late-great John Hughes still wrote the script for

Jennifer B (it)

This shows us how even in the bad times we need to perservere

Joe N (de)

31. Garbo as the ice queen was great until the cheese commenced

Jordan W (mx)

Because of Smith(TM)s decision to distribute Red State? himself, the film was not given an official theatrical release, but was made available through video-on-demand formats in September. The film inches towards a higher level of fascination in the second half, and then draws back again, revealing the restrictions that the director has discussed. Smith has stated that his $5,000 effects budget held him back from creating the film he originally envisioned. His religion comedy Dogma? probably pushed more buttons than this did, assuming he was trying to push buttons here. The director(TM)s ambitions are admirable, it is just a shame that something more interesting couldn(TM)t quite get off the ground here. Red State? was shot in 25 days, and proves to be Smith(TM)s most visually impressive work yet " Smith and his cinematographer, Dave Klein used the RED digital camera system. Instead, what we get is a prolonged standoff during which a lot of people are killed, and few lessons are learned. But the potential offered by the set up of Red State? is literally shot full of holes in the second half, when the second amendment is heavily invoked in lieu of a more thoughtful, sincere approach to the material. The angle Smith takes to satirize and exploit religious fanaticism is an interesting one that could have very well worked. ? Unfortunately, little of that sincerity can be seen here, except in one crucial scene where Goodman(TM)s character discusses human nature to his superiors. Smith(TM)s films have always been structured around dialogue driven scenes, punctuated by blunt profanity and a strange sincerity that has become a trademark of Smith(TM)s best work, including Chasing Amy? and Clerks. In Red State,? he creates a more sinister character than he has ever played before. ? Parks is always memorable for his particular delivery, and as cool a screen presence as you can get. The character actor often plays supporting roles in Quentin Tarantino films, such as Kill Bill? and the exploitation extravaganza Grindhouse. ?As Abel Cooper, Parks gives yet another fascinating performance. The big shootout makes up the second, and more action-packed movie within Red State. A slip up in the Cooper(TM)s plans for the teenagers, in which a Sheriff(TM)s deputy gets shot, leads to an all out shooting war between the Cooper family and an ATF squad led by Agent Joseph Keenan (John Goodman) stationed outside the church. Other members of the Cooper family include Abel(TM)s daughter, Sara (Oscar winner Melissa Leo), and granddaughter Cheyenne (Kerry Bish (C)). Brutal images follow, as we experience the full cruelty of Abel Cooper and his family, on their captive sinners. Abel believes the lecherous teens deserve to die, and he runs his church on a firm belief in cleansing the earth of those who he sees as sinners. You better believe I fear God,?The three teenagers travel to Cooper(TM)s Dell, the center of worship for the Five Points Church, to get lucky, but are unexpectedly drugged and taken prisoner by the Cooper family. I fear God,? Abel tells his family. It is run by Pastor Abel Cooper (Michael Parks), a man of fire and brimstone who delivers a chilling sermon in his first scene, reassuring the rest of the Cooper clan of his undying devotion to God. These kids live in a town that is plagued by a radical religious group a la the real life Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, called the Five Points Church. The first half follows three horny teenagers (Michael Angarano, Nicholas Braun & Kyle Gallner) who meet a woman online, and decided to drive out to middle of nowhere to meet with her for sex. Red State? can be split into two separate movies. There are some laughs sprinkled here and there, but not the kind Smith is known for. Kevin Smith(TM)s self-distributed passion project Red State? is a swift change of pace for the writer/director, as he curves away from straight comedy toward an indefinable genre mash-up of horror, action and religious and political satire

jovan m (ru)

one of the worst movies made in hollywood in the 1980's. Such a bad movie, wasting Danny Devito's and Judge Reinhold's talent on this stinker

Marilee A (kr)

Disturbing, a little slow

Mike S (us)

He always does a great job at choosing and performing in the roles he chooses. I felt as though the plot was just cheesy and such, but the acting from Timberlake was great

Natalie P (es)

Really disappointed with this movie! The first one was so much better!

Nate T (nl)

Fun and breezy rom-com

Noname (mx)

Great movie but no masterpiece. Under the trip he pick up his son which he havent meet for a long time and the boy's mother wants them to get know each other better. He will travel for a arm wrestling world championship. Story is about Hawk (Stallone) and he is a truck driver. Great old classic from the 80s