There Will Be No Leave Today

There Will Be No Leave Today

Soldiers undertake the perilous task of removing a stockpile of World War II bombshells discovered during roadworks under the ground of a small village.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:45 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:student film,  

Soldiers undertake the perilous task of removing a stockpile of World War II bombshells discovered during roadworks under the ground of a small village. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leon B (us) wrote: Review:I wasn't that impressed with this film because it keeps on changing from one plot to the another and the acting isn't that great. The movie is based on a Jiu-Jitsu expert, Mike Terry (Chiwetel Ejiofor) who has no money in the bank and is struggling to keep his self-defence studio afloat. Whilst arguing about his debts with his girlfriend, who is a promising dress designer, there is an accident in his studio which involves a lawyer and an off-duty police officer, who is one of his students. Because of the accident, he has to find money to replace a broken window, which he definitely can't afford. He then goes to his brother-in-law to borrow some money and while he is in his club, a famous acting star (Tim Allen) ends up in a bar brawl so Mike Terry comes to his rescue and they soon become friends. He then gets introduced to the acting world by helping Allen produce a movie but his new found friends promises lead to know were. Mike Terry and his girlfriend make some bad choices in life which incurs more debt and after a unforseen chain of events, Mike Terry enters a competition which involves his Jiu-Jitsu skills and a big reward. I don't think that Chiwetel Ejiofor was the perfect choice for this film because his character seemed extremely cold and moody throughout the film. The showdown at the end was rubbish, after such a big build up and the fighting throughout the movie wasn't that impressive. None of the individuals storylines had a proper ending, especially Tim Allen who went missing through most of the movie and after all of the various events, Mike Terry still didn't solve his money problems so it all seemed a bit pointless. I know that there is a honourable concept to the movie which really doesn't solve the day to day problems in Mike Terry's life but his consistency proves a triumph in the end. On the plus side, I did like Tim Allen's character and I enjoyed the brief look into the prize winning fighting world but the film just had too much going on. Average!Round-Up:I've never been a big fan of Chiwetel Ejiofor's work because he seems to over act in most of his movies but I did like him in 12 Years a Slave, American Gangster, Talk To Me, Inside Man, Children of Men and Amistad which was his big movie debut in 1997. He has starred alongside some of the biggest stars in Hollywood and he has proved that he can hold his own but I still find it hard to warm to his acting style. He was nominated for a Oscar in 2014 for his fantastic performance in 12 Years a Slave but he lost out to Matthew McConaughey for his leading role in Dallas Buyers Club. With 6 movies in the pipeline which include Marvels Dr. Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch, he must be happy with his career so far, even though I find him a bit moody. This film was written and directed by David Mamet who brought you movies like State & Main, Heist with Gene Hackman and Danny DeVito, Spartan and the TV movie Phil Spector with Helen Mirren and Al Pacino with a massive afro. He hasn't had the most success at the box office and judging by this movies takings, audiences are obviously not warming to his movies. I didn't like the flow of this movie because the director kept on introducing new elements which made the film seem a bit messy. Anyway, it's a watchable film but it's nothing that amazing.Budget: $7millionWorldwide Gross: $2.6millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their drama/sport movies about a Jiu-Jitsu expert who takes on a prize winning bout to clear up his many debts. 3/10

kyle d (br) wrote: One of those movies that kinda pisses you off almost the whole time, but it could've been worse.

Annie C (kr) wrote: It takes some chaos to finally reach a state of peace and clarity.

Elin S (mx) wrote: Scary. Very scary. How can people like Hannity be elected to a political position when he can't even debate or use proper arguments without stooping to childish bullying tactics? That's the sure sign of a loser.

Phil S (nl) wrote: Who doesn't love a little canabalism and a little bit of romance in their entertainment? Who doesn't love a fresh barber shave and a hot meat pie? If you agree with me than you'll really love "Sweeney Todd." This is another film version of one of Steven Sondheim's msuical theatre productions. Now being a theatre production, seeing this play in movie form is definitely not the best way to take it in. Although, not hearing of any local theatre companies putting this play on, I figured this would be the best way to see it (Just like Sunday in the Park with George). Well after seeing this movie, it's understandable that any small town theatre company would mostly likely pass on this dark comedy musical. Not really what most people expect in a musical. I, however, thought it was pretty good. Not great, but good. It probably loses something not watching it live, but I didn't think some of the songs were that good and the plot was a little on the thin side. It could have used a little more character development. Especially with the main character Sweeney Todd. I found myself not really caring what becomes of him, which made it lose some big entertainment points. The best thing about the movie: Angela Lansbery. Yes, the "Murder She Wrote" lady. I thought she would make the movie worse, but she was by far the best part of the show. I guess I shouldn't have judged her acting ability solely on a lame TV show, but she sure proved me wrong. Lansbery 1 -- Phil 0. I'd say see it if it's put on by a theatre company, but pass on the video (unless you're a Sondheim fan). [color=orange]In the video game world, I played Tony Hawk's Underground 2 courtesy of a friend a couple weeks back. I don't own a game system, but if I did I would probably pick up this game. If you're familiar with the Tony Hawk games this one seems to include elements of them all. People criticize the Tony Hawk series as becoming more of the same and now starting to become a bit boring. I, on the other hand, still find their games to be fun and entertaining. They way I see it Tony Hawk is like a new generation Pac Man. You can make a Mrs. Pac Man, a Pac Man jr., cousin of Pac Man, Evil Pac Man, Pac Man Legends, or Hyper Pac Man, but it all still gonna be a yellow circle running around eating vitamins and avoiding ghosts. Same goes for Tony Hawk in my eyes. The most I expect is some new moves, new characters, new stages, and some new challenges and mini games. That's what I you get in Tony Hawk's Underground 2. To expect more is a bit foolish. [b]The thing I like best:[/b] Being able to create your own character and getting both a story mode and career mode. [b]Thing that I liked least:[/b] Now there are so many moves you can do in this game that my untrained fingers and brain can't keep up.[/color][color=#ffa500][/color] [color=#ffa500]Nothing like some simulated skateboarding and cannibalistic musical theatre to make your life more fulfilled.[/color]

Bruno L (es) wrote: Nicoleta Valery Grossu had a very similar life in jail to what Jews had on concentration camps during WWII. A little bit too hard to watch the torture scenes. Good story, movie was poorly produced though.

Siri B (fr) wrote: Momma shark is big. And she gets really pi**ed off when they kill her kid. Not a bad flick at all - and the "megs" look almost real!

Pedro D (nl) wrote: Its so funny to see it now...

Adam R (fr) wrote: A compelling script and an interesting look at the dynamics of real estate sales, but it is laced with profanity to the point where it is distracting. I wouldn't say I was crazy about the film, but the casting was excellent. (First and only viewing - 8/15/2016)

Jessica M (it) wrote: I grew up loving this movie. Maybe it was just that it caught me at exactly the right time, but I always thought of it more as a moving and original coming-of-age drama than a campy dark comedy. It's not for everyone, but it felt custom made for a gothy 14-year-old me, and I love it still as a 20-something single mom.

Stan D (kr) wrote: This remains the highest grossing musical of all time, despite the fact that movie prices have skyrocketed since it came out. This is another nostalgic story about high school in the early rock and roll era, in the early 1960s, full of that era's music as well as original songs. John Travolta plays the lead, opposite Olivia Newton-John, with a great supporting cast, including Eve Arden, Frankie Avalon, Sha Na Na, Sid Caesar, and Stockard Channing.

Matt G (it) wrote: Its references are dated, its CGI is bad, the human actors are embarrassing, and it seems to have a problem knowing who its audience is...but what can I say? IT'S FUNNY! Dante has a great grasp on what made these Tunes comedically pop. Also, film fans will get a kick out of the multitude of scifi-movie references during the Area 52 scene.