These Birds Walk

These Birds Walk

The Edhi children’s shelter is a rare safe haven for Karachi’s runaways. Over three years, its cranky founder, a spirited child, and a gold-hearted ambulance driver are filmed, creating a tender portrait of where a city’s most vulnerable and dedicated souls meet.

A poor runaway boy and a reluctant ambulance driver in Karachi. Their two lives come together through a dying humanitarian upon whom so much of their daily lives depend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Max A (mx) wrote: Absolutely outstanding documentary

Sri N (kr) wrote: Fantastic movie...... super screenplay briliiantly executed by vijay.....

Jaime A (jp) wrote: One of my favorite werewolf movies..2nd all time !

Josefine L (de) wrote: Lngsam och annorlunda men nd en mysig krlekshistoria

Yudelkys V (mx) wrote: I really, really, really want to see it

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Daniel D (jp) wrote: Such a touching story and visually beautiful. Thinking about how remarkable, involved, difficult and devoted a postman job was in rural China not so long ago is something you'd probably never think of before seeing this movie, but it will consume your mind for days after watching it. Legitimately 5 stars. I was facinated by how beautiful Hunan province was when taking the train through it earlier this month, and it was amazing to see it in even more detail.

Robin L (de) wrote: The contrast between the harshness and bitter cold of winter in New England with the consuming passion of two people trapped by circumstances helps make this film. And so does the line, "I wanted to make the supper table pretty." Nobody knows this film...that's too bad. See it with a girlfriend OR a man who knows good films.

Tim K (au) wrote: Fluffy and very 80s. Not sure I love it, but I don't hate it either.Free on Hulu right now. Completely painless.

Jeffrey M (ru) wrote: Excellent early directorial effort by Oliver Stone, one that doesn't shy away from the complexities of geopolitics and our unfortunate and often contradictory foreign policy, sure to please all political junkies. This is James Woods at his best, frustrating yet unrelenting. It was appropriately dramatic, but refused to settle for cliche story-lines and resolutions, with a particularly powerful and poignant ending. I wouldn't call it Stone's best work (Platoon, JFK), but it's certainly one of his greats. 4/5 Stars

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Hayk T (it) wrote: engaging and breath taking. Wonderful and deep acting by both actors