The 84th Annual Academy Awards

The 84th Annual Academy Awards

Annual awards presentation honoring the best film achievements of 2011.

Annual awards presentation honoring the best film achievements of 2011. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Kevin M W (ag) wrote: Some bank robbers, chased by a posse, hold up with a isolated prairie family. What comes next is some heavy duty karma stuff in the most moralistic Western ever. It holds your interest some, you bet.

David S (nl) wrote: Iron Sky is a decent comedy, making fun of anything and everyone. It is deliberately made poorly, with obvious parody scenes and obvious remarks. There is not a hint of subtlety with this fantastical science fiction re-imagining of absurd what ifs. It is better than its counterparts such as Snakes on a Plane, but still not an enjoyable movie. It is lazy and too obviously cheap. Iron Sky is an idea executed off poor foundations.

Shrina P (ca) wrote: love this movie made me cry

Ryan C (ca) wrote: Nicolas Cage and the supporting cast are fun to watch, but unfortunately "Book of Secrets" is a wasted sequel that is redundant and lazy with its plot, but is good enough for family movie night.

Lee (kr) wrote: Anatomy students discover that the body they are dissecting for class turns out to have a vengful spirit which kills anyone who comes into contact with it. Not too bad at all really. It's low budget and independently made but still better than your average horror movie. It has a little bit of creepiness to it and some gross moments of the anatomy class in action with some quite realistic looking bodies. We've seen vengful ghost movies before so the plot isn't that surprising or fresh, but it's a good effort.

Sandy K (ca) wrote: Although Chiwetel Ejiofor absolutely ROCKS as the drag queen, this is not the Broadway show-version of the story -- a rather tame, tepid version instead.

Manny M (nl) wrote: No mames wey! Ta perisima esta comedia, jaja

Jessa (us) wrote: Oh darn. I had totally forgot about this movie(that in no way doesn't mean it wasn't good). Let me tell ya, this movie was great the first time I watched it, the second time I watched it and the third. Time for round four! :P

Harry W (es) wrote: With such an extensively talented cast from prior to their heyday lined up as actors for Wet Hot American Summer, it's existence seemed more relevant to watch now than ever before.Capitalizing on the recent success of the teen sex comedy American Pie (1999), Wet Hot American Summer takes a low budget and uses it to put contemporary actors back in the heyday of the genre within the 1980's. It does this by spoofing the genre as a whole through capitalizing also on the success of the hugely successful horror-comedy spoof Scary Movie (1999). The start of this amalgamation of genres comes from having obviously adult actors portraying archetypes of the young characters from teenage films. Since it relies on a generic comedy formula and a series of inconsistent spoof gags, the success of the humour can be rather sporadic.The teen sex comedy genre is largely a parody genre in itself. It relies on gags that come from ridiculous situations and idiotic teenagers in the endless pursuit of sex. As a means of parodying an already ludicrous genre, Wet Hot American Summer is full of ridiculous plot points and meta-humour. Director David Wain ensures that it doesn't even pretend to have a direct plot so that nobody can take the film seriously in the slightest and as a result it is certainly an easy experience to watch. It's just that some of the gags can be a little too stupid for their own good. The way the film parodies 80's movie conventions and uses its cast is worthy of praise since the general idea of an ensemble cast of great talent in such a low-brow comedy is funny enough, yet many of its jokes are too simplistic or repetitive to achieve all that much. Some are really memorable such as the parody of teen romance cliches and the use of a training montage to a catch 80's-style song entitled "Higher and Higher" by Craig Wedren and Theodore Shapiro, while others such as Victor Pulak's quest to lose his virginity can end up stretched on for too long. Essentially, it all boils down to the fact that Wet Hot American Summer is a ridiculously absurdist comedy which can be a little too ridiculous for its own good. It's clearly aimed at a cult audience as Wet Hot American Summer is a film that takes pride in being dumb, and audiences have to have a very lowbrow standard of comedic expectation if they are to enjoy it. Even then, it walks an inconsistent path. However, since the majority of key actors in the film have gone on to have extensively large careers, Wet Hot American Summer retains more relevance now than ever before. Since the eventual success of the film and the cast was enough to justify creating a superior Netflix prequel series entitled Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (2015), its lasting legacy is indebted to the ridiculous vision of David Wain.Considering that the film is a low-budget production, it relies on the talents of the cast to bolster it to success more than anything. It can't get big-budget visuals in to provide the gags or use a creative variety of settings as the source of the jokes, relying almost entirely on the actors to find humour in a single campsite setting. The scenery for the film is nice and gives vibrant colour to the visuals of the film within the context of minimal locations, yet they leave the actors to find the situations themselves instead of relying much on their location to procure humour. In short, Wet Hot American Summer's success relies almost entirely on the talents of its cast.Paul Rudd is the most iconic cast member in Wet Hot American Summer. Having just portrayed the titular role in the superhero blockbuster Ant-Man (2015), his career is at an all-time high right now which makes his role in Wet Hot American Summer funnier. The same can be said about four-time Academy Award nominee Bradley Cooper in the supporting role of a geeky gay teenager, but Paul Rudd dominates in this area as the leading braindead rebel without a cause. His shallow and idiotic nature hides nothing about the stereotype as it is clearly a role the actor loves playing, and he embodies himself so deeply in the part that he makes the bleak repetition of the role instinctive to the point of hilarity. Paul Rudd's comic brilliance is a key factor in the success of Wet Hot American Summer. However, David Hyde Pierce is the cast member responsible for the funniest moment in Wet Hot American Summer. Coming from a time when he was still playing Niles Crane on the sitcom Frasier (1993-2004), David Hyde Pierce steps away from the iconic role yet brings his neurotic nature with him to put it into the role of Professor Henry Newman. This time, it is in the role of an intelligent but anxious man pursuing a woman of interest amid all his confusion. The aforementioned moment of greatness comes from a casual conversation David Hyde Pierce shares with Janeane Garofolo where she is encouraging him to attend the campsite against his reluctance when out of nowhere he angrily shouts "I said no!" before reverting back to his stereotypical self. As a fan of his many roles in television and cinema, I can certify that this one scene is the greatest thing he has ever done.Janeane Garafolo puts a very gentle spirit into her role which makes her a very likable character, working to create a very funny chemistry with David Hyde Pierce and adding a humourous element of relationship drama to the film.Michael Showalter works to put a really geeky nature into his performance which goes off without a hitch and allows for a consistently satirical chemistry with Marguerite Moreau with both actors aware of how pretentious the situation is. Their part in the story may drag on a bit at times, but the actors work to keep it engaging.Amy Poehler's over-the-top brainless character archetype is full of her distinctive style of comic life which gives her a flair for strong chemistry with Bradley Cooper, and Elizabeth Banks is fun to look back on. And the most ridiculous character in the story is played by Christopher Meloni, sharing a zany chemistry with the voice of H. Jon Benjamin.Wet Hot American Summer may uneasily blend a satire of 80's cliches with spoof humour to a sporadic rate of success, but the brilliant work of a now-legendary ensemble cast keeps the ludicrous spirit of the film alive through its path of unpredictable twists and turns.

Laura M (kr) wrote: A very messy movie with decent music and some decent scenes. It's too bad that it wasn't what it could have been, but it was lucky to have Shah Rukh Khan because he carried the movie through so much questionable writing.

Don E (au) wrote: I'm always surprised by reviews - both by pros and us common folk, who want every movie to lay out everything in the first half, and leave no mystery.This film succeeds by doing just the opposite. It teases you into watching it as layers of the onion are unpeeled, revealing yet another secret of this dysfunctional family. Some of the secrets are only hinted at, and never fully revealed, much like real life.For the people who wonder why Kate (Nastassja Kinski) stuck with the abusive husband - that's what battered and abused women do. They are battered and abused because they won't remove themselves from the bad situation.No spoilers here - but if you think Ray (John Savage) turned into a psychotic because of something that happened in Vietnam, IMHO he was born a psychotic and Vietnam offered him a way to hone and practice his insanity. After watching the movie - think to his first act of violence which is revealed toward the end of the movie, and you'll realize this was one sick puppy way before there was ever a West family. Great cinematography, script, casting, lighting, sets and especially acting by all the cast. I give it a strong thumbs up, if you're a thinking viewer. If you want it all spelled out for you - avoid this movie, you'll leave it frustrated. If you're the type who likes thinking about a movie after the popcorn is finished - this movie might be for you.

Greg W (de) wrote: critically blasted and commercially flop I didn't think it was that bad

aaron a (de) wrote: Synopsis: Depicts a coup launched by dwarfs against the mental institution in which they're inmates. With a cast composed entirely of little people, the first time that had been done since the 1938 Western Terror of Tiny Town. Even Dwarfs Started Small complex beast. A beast that may require at least a light amount of knowledge on director Werner Herzog's filmmaking thesis to fully appreciate, and even then, it's a tough and challenging nut to crack. I certainly see a lot of Herzog's ability to blur the lines between reality and documentary, as the film often feels as if Herzog forgot to turn the camera off, but in doing so captures footage impossible to imitate. But this isn't a documentary, it's fiction through and through, and hidden deep within Herzog's methodical unconventionality, plotless and often even dialogue-less filmmaking aesthetics, is an incredible amount of literary depth. That being said, the film is highly comical. There is many a scene where a number of dwarves sneak up and hassle a couple of blind dwarfs, the blind dwarfs retaliate by swinging their "sticks" wildly in hopes of hitting something, it may sound somewhat dark on paper, and it is, but visually it's hilarious. It's not a perfect picture though. I found that some tighter editing and a shorter runtime would have greatly helped this picture, but really those are minor complaints. Though it's a bit too laxed on it's runtime and editing, Even Dwarfs Started Small is an excellent and memorable example of maverick director Werner Herzog's filmmaking thesis.

Paul D (au) wrote: With hindsight, it's clear to see John Wayne's tough guy acts throughout the latter part of his career were much more suited to him than playing a leading romantic man as he does here. The comedy element of the farcical trip to the west coast is the strongest part of this film.

Sgt C (fr) wrote: (56%)The first opening half hour works quite well as we get sucked into Harry's bleak world of pain, fear and anger, but as it goes further and further along it starts to fall apart before dropping into absurdity at the end. The idea of an older man in some of the more dangerous parts of Britain taking on thugs only works up to a point, and when it becomes too Hollywood, and a bit too like Death wish 3, then it everything starts to crumble. If it had stayed gritty and somewhat realistic until the end then this could have really been something, instead it's a missed chance of a potential future classic.