They Are All Dead

They Are All Dead

Just by watching Lupe stuck at home in her robe and slippers, no one would will guess that in the 80's she was a rock star. Gone are the times of concerts, fame and success. Agoraphobia does not let her leave home. She depends entirely on Paquita, his mother, a superstitious Mexican, with a huge heart, which not only takes care of his daughter but also her teenage grandson. The problem is that Paquita is running out of time and she doesn't want to leave without getting her daughter back.

Ever since her brother died, Lupe has lived an agoraphobic life at odds with her teenage son and her superstitious Mexican mother. It takes a drastic Day of the Dead ritual to wake her up and teach her the value of saying goodbye. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barnaby G (jp) wrote: What the hell was this shit? Just that - a pile of shit. You'd think with a title like this it wouldn't take itself seriously. But it does. Pointless film-making.

David J (au) wrote: The film was underwhelming for me, but strong acting and a couple cool shootouts make this film watchable.

Joshua L (it) wrote: Solid movie, Both interesting and entertaining.

Clara V (ag) wrote: I didn't really like it. unfaithful was way better. You are rotting through out the whole movie for their love and at the end you are soo dispointed. What a depressing movie.

Kendal K (ca) wrote: Poignant, intense and create ensemble performance

Mikki (us) wrote: hmmm...don't know about this movie either......

Wrik S (br) wrote: Weak screen play and dialogues.. could have been an epic movie..

cli o (gb) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Karen H (mx) wrote: 2015-02-02 PSH was interesting

Jens T (ca) wrote: Woody Allen's Sweet and Lowdown is a story that focuses one of Woody's greatest hobbies, which in this case is Jazz music, in which case we follow the story of the fictional Jazz guitarist Emmet Ray (Sean Penn) whom is the second greatest guitarist in the world, right after Django Reinhardt. This takes place in the 1920s. He's has a restless personality and is often late or forget his concerts. He loves parting, alcohol, women and to shoot rats with his gun. But one day when he and his friend is up for some women, Emmet gets a deaf girl named Hattie (Samantha Morton) whom Emmet seems to find very interesting, because she seems interested in him. So she follows him where ever he goes, but Emmet might have some other urges that Hattie can not fulfill.Sweet and Lowdown is by all means not based on real events, even though it features some interviews with some Jazz people, including Woody himself. But what I liked about this film is that it has multiple alternative endings, because Emmet disappeared and no one really know what really happened to him, so it's with out a doubt an filmmakers treat. And Samantha Morton's performance is almost indescribable, she's just a sweet-pea, her facial express give us more than words, and we become curious about her character and wants to know more. Overall it's a good film, with the good structured characters and the right tone. Thumbs up.

Luke W (it) wrote: I love American history as well as learning of its involvement in the world, whether it be through politics, war or aid. This TV movie felt too much like other films of its kind. I didn't feel the weight of the events occurring onscreen, and some of the visual effects, such as layering part of the screen with Stalin while the rest is taken up by Churchill to be rather galling. As for the performances of the leads, they weren't embarrassing, but I'm sure Michael Caine probably doesn't hold his performance as Stalin to be one of the highlights of his career. Lithgow seems to be reading his lines rather than embodying FDR, and Hoskins wants to be a little too dramatic. A great disappointment given the awards it won at the time of its release.

Robert M (us) wrote: Greatest Movie of all time!!! Palmer Woodrow is my idol.

jay n (br) wrote: Inconsequential piffle that wants to be a saucy souffle but is just a flat contrived trifle. Lovely locations and Audrey as a secretary who can afford to dress in Givenchy! can't make this nonsense sparkle. Guest cameos are totally wasted although Marlene Dietrich looks smashing. A fizzle.

Tatiana M (gb) wrote: I saw the first 20 minutes and the very end of this movie at history lesson. Want to watch the entire thing.

Sergio R (gb) wrote: Not just a landmark in cinema history (specifically the Swedish cinema) is also a transcendental film with highly important special effects for the era, and the remarkable narrative, using flashback within flashback perfectly. Definitely one of the most influential films ever.

Laura N (mx) wrote: This is one of those movies that I hated. Not because it wasn't a good concept or executed well, but because I wanted it to be less realistic. Sadly, it is extremely realistic and that always makes me terribly upset. That being said, it was very well thought out and it was very well done. The cast were terrific and so was the story.

Millo T (us) wrote: Surprising. Starts from an original point of view and does not let it go by the usual ways but offers you a new guess each time. Some aspects are better than others (in some moments it looks simple or difficult to believe about some things), but not bad at all.

Christopher B (jp) wrote: Pretty good. Not a big Holmes fan but sir Ian does a great job in his portrayal.