They Call Me Trinity

They Call Me Trinity

The simple story has the pair coming to the rescue of peace-loving Mormons when land-hungry Major Harriman sends his bullies to harass them into giving up their fertile valley. Trinity and Bambino manage to save the Mormons and send the bad guys packing with slapstick humor instead of excessive violence, saving the day.

In order to protect a group of Mormons from Mexican bandidos, two brothers are forced to convert: a drifter and his brother, a sheriff who is actually a robber breaking the real sheriff's leg and left him for dead, and becomes sheriff in order to hide out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deanna G (es) wrote: I think this movie is amazing. This is my favorite movie and book. I loved the plot and all the characters. I liked the idea of it not really having a happy ending and wish there was more to the movie. Just like in the movie I desperately want to know what happens to the characters after the end of the story. The jokes were hilarious and the metophors are great. I definitely recommend this movie.

Gabriel B (fr) wrote: The directing is poor and the plot uncompelling, partly from being wearily predictable and partly because the stakes just aren't ever high enough. That said, the acting is decent, and the repartee of the characters is actually quite a lot of fun. Not an achievement in filmmaking, but (other than some extremely graphic polyamorous and kinky sex) a pleasingly innocuous way to beguile a little spare time.

Armando P (ag) wrote: Kind of a let down for an epic saga

Melissa M (ru) wrote: fine movie xcellent cast love new Zealand

Laura F (jp) wrote: This is a tremendous adult film about actual adults and the intensity of of sexual politics and the power of both love and attraction. If you can't see that, then you're a dickslap.

Anders G (it) wrote: "Why are you watching?", was a question asked a couple of times during this film. I stopped watching about halfway through because I really didn't care.I gave it 1 1/2 stars still because I really felt that there was an effort in there somewhere it just didn't work. There should be a name for this kind of movies, because there has been made alot of them now. Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity, this one and perhaps some I haven't heard about. Perhaps it could be called ho-mokumenatry? Anyway, it didn't work for me this time because I just didn't believe in the killer. I just felt that he acted poorly or something. And realism is essential in these ho-mokumenatries.

Daniel O (ca) wrote: did you know that hackers started working so soon? Nice thriller...

Daniel S (mx) wrote: I know this is generally shit on by critics, but i saw the cast and that it was based on a dean koontz novel and figured it couldnt be that bad right? Sadly it is, while the premise i thought had potential, and there were some creepy scenes early on, the problem was just the acting, affleck is way miscast as a sheriff despite being like 25, schriber goes way over the top as an asshole, and mcgowan has some weak readings, i think it could have been way better if it had a better director and better cast, but alas twas not the case

David W (es) wrote: Breath-taking visuals and good music are fine, but it indulges in it's own political message

Emod L (de) wrote: 26%A hopelessly misguided cash grab that, despite its spectacular visual effects, can offer nothing in its characters or direction.V: 52%

Julio A (mx) wrote: Good story, but the true best things is that Leon and Ada stay true to their character and this movie doesn't ruin the Resident Evil story.

Naoya K (us) wrote: To love is to kill. Love is vertigo.