They Made Me a Criminal

They Made Me a Criminal

A boxer flees, believing he has committed a murder while he was drunk.

A boxer flees believing he has comitted a murder while he was drunk. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon V (es) wrote: What begins as a sweet little New York romance starts to become something even more, and then spoils it around the 65 minute mark. Right about then, "Friends with Kids" takes an ill-fittingly dramatic turn, forcing all of the actors to dig through the cobwebs of the mediocre script to try to find something to latch onto. It's not all without success; there's a laugh or two here and there, but the end result is a film that is crowded with wasted talent, overlong, and heavily sentimental to the point that the supposed character depth is just ridiculous.

David B (fr) wrote: If you like cars, trucks and adventures in foreign locales, you will like this. This was one of the first movies cut in Adobe Premiere, for you geeks who dig computer trivia.

Timijan T (ca) wrote: Angelina Was The Goddess :D:D

Kevin R (fr) wrote: We'll call Mothra! Mothra is the world's protector and overall good monster. When the planet is threatened by a three headed monster known as Ghidora, Mothra, or her kin, will arise to the challenge to bring down the beast. She will need the aid of some local children to accomplish her goal. "Never trust a human being." Okihiro Yoneda, director of Rebirth of Mothra III, delivers Rebirth of Mothra in his directorial debut. The storyline for this picture is fairly childish and felt like an awkward family movie. The action scenes were classic Godzilla style which made the sequences interesting at times. The acting is miserable and the cast is primarily comprised of children. "What do you think Mothra would do?" After watching some recent Godzilla remakes I was inspired to watch this picture. Unfortunately, this was not of the same quality as those science fiction classics. This picture focused too much on the children and delivered more family friendly content. I recommend skipping this picture. "This is an emergency." Grade: D-

Steff A (au) wrote: Classic Jarmusch. This is a cool, easy-going, kinda strolling instead of rolling film and it shows. It's a film about the little moments. The boredom, the silence, the looks between the characters, their little habits and behaviours. Essentialy it's a prison break film but one that omits the actual escape. That works greatly and allows the filmmaker to focus on the characters and their strange relationship. It is a relationship made in the prison but ends up being very amusing for us to watch, very hard and problematic but also relieving for the characters.Our three characters are Jack, Zack and Roberto. One pimp, one DJ and one card cheater. The first two were framed into prison, the other one actually killed a guy. Accidentally of course and in true Jarmusch style. Jack and Zack are the ones for which we learn some sort of backstory and they also hate each other. Trying to play it cool, break each other's balls and try to keep their privacy in their little tight cell. Roberto serves as the catalyst between them, as the jester from outter space who cames to change their boring existence and bring them together in their escape. He is always full of life and has a story to tell. He's a great character and he certainly brightens up the movie. All three characters are well rounded and keep the viewer interested in the movie. After all Jarmusch is known for writting interesting characters in strange situations. The acting is amazing with Tom Waits, John Lurie and Roberto Benigni being in great form. I really liked Tom's behaviour and body language, Lurie's silence and "I simply don't care attitude" and Benigni is just being Benigni. Charming, strange and always funny just propeling the picture forward with his performance in a great way. I just don't know if I've missed one monologue of Benigni due to lack of subtitles or if it was supposed to be without subtitles. He gave a very good panic performance during that monologue.The movie is brilliantly directed and reminds us of "Stranger than Paradise" only this time the camera isn't so static. Jarmusch uses travelling in a great way to create the tone of the movie with the landscapes and the cinematography of the movie is outstanding. Crisp black and white is the name of the game and the DP has it greatly. The movie is simply beautiful with the picturesque shots accenting the atmosphere and helping the screenplay transcend to another level.This is another film about life from Jarmusch that echoes the French New Wave, has the characters kind of just being in the picture and spawns its narrative from spontaneus decisions and random events. It's a good style for Jarmusch because he handles his naturalism with ease and comfort. He is definitely the best director in handling a picture that way and his pictures almost always stand on that fine border between naturalism and stretched almost fantasy situations.Last but not least the music keeps good company to the film with the two songs by Tom Wait's album "Rain Dogs" standing out. That's my review. And as Roberto says "It is a sad and beautiful world.".

Ben H (es) wrote: This is a good murder mystery movie. Filled with great actors and the sun drenched island local

James R (au) wrote: Solid 007 film here, but the franchise was starting to kinda wear thin. This was almost Sean Connery's last film as 007 (he returned 4 years later in Diamonds are Forever). The film is about an American Spacecraft disappearing during its flight. The Americans think the Soviets are responsible. But, meanwhile it's actually Spectre led by 007's arch enemy Ernest Blofeld (Donald Pleasence). Blofeld is using the Americans and Soviets against each other to start a nuclear war. James Bond (Connery) is sent off secretly to Japan and teams up with Tiger Tanaka (Tetsuro Tanba) to find out where Blofeld's secret base of operations is at. The movie has its share of gadgets, one liners and decent action sequences (they haven't aged well). Overall, it's mostly known now a days for the kind of racist depiction they have of Bond becoming a Japanese person (HINT: its terrible). Its a one of the more forgettable missions and lead to the next film grabbing a younger different kind of actor for Bond. Still as a Bond fan I recommend giving it a look!

Nicki M (ca) wrote: Hard to rate. I couldn't honestly say I loved it, and parts were down right dull, also, 2 plus hours is a big ask for this very slow movie. However, I would have to say it is a well made movie and I think there is something not immediately accessible that is good about it. It's definitely one to think about as I think a lot is personal interpretation so different people will get different messages from it. Or not at all, and be bored. I'm glad I pressed on, not sure I would watch again. I certainly will be thinking about it fir quite some time, though.

Lee B (es) wrote: The watchmen is a film that is not like any other superhero movies to date... its dark and gritty.. and kinda leaves its imprint on you for a bit after viewing... i loved it

Nathan R (it) wrote: The incredible tension in this film is what makes it so great. The music cues, the characters' reactions, the awkward silences... you can feel everything the protagonist is going through, and I think that was the intention.Throughout the whole film, there is an eerie, unsettling sense that there is something deeply wrong with the whole picture, and when the ending comes around, it becomes apparent, and it really delivers on providing quite a bit of viewer's anxiety.