They Will Return

They Will Return

Cris, aged 12, and her brother are left at the side of the road by their parents. The punishment quickly turns into an even greater challenge. Marcelo Lordello's first feature film Eles voltam, which follows Cris in her attempts to find her way back home, is a modern-day fable through different realities guided by the people that inhabit them.

Cris, aged 12, and her older brother are left at the side of the road by their parents. Very quickly the punishment turns into an even greater challenge. "Eles Voltam" (They'll Come Back") ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven D (au) wrote: Had to stop watching after ten minutes. The camera never stopped moving and constantly went in and out of focus. Totally distracted from the story.

Scott M (de) wrote: Rambling socialites who hate their dreary lives because they know too much and can't connect with anyone. I couldn't care less.

Jamie C (ru) wrote: Good film and good special effects, The fight scenes were done well you can see what's happening without it being in slow motion all the time like Transformers was, A little more drama than I thought and the last fight scene was allot like a Rocky fight but still a fun film worth adding to your collection.

mike p (jp) wrote: Argentos late return to the giallo is a pretty satisfiying venture. Although knocked by alot of people for being like a "greatest hits" of Argento s. I find it to be a pretty solid film. From the opening triple murder to the ending. Sleepless is a good giallo film. Dont let the misleading cover art sway anyone away from this film.

Willem W (es) wrote: A visionary masterpiece. Existential, powerful, meaningful.

Lissette M (jp) wrote: engaging, real, great cast and perfomance

Justin R (us) wrote: Some of it is too arty in a dated '60s kind of way, but a lot of this is awesome -- particularly the amazing sequence about the marathon at the end.

Matt C (ca) wrote: The sort of film your Mum would love, a sprawling Sunday afternoon epic which seems to go on for days. It's very soapy in the topics it covers but it's never less than enjoyable and the back and forth between Hudson and Taylor in particular keeps you on-side.

Andrew G (ca) wrote: Thank you, James Wan, for making horror movies scary again. The Conjuring takes every haunted house clich in the book and serves them to us in a fresh, terrifying manner, reminding us why they became clichs in the first place.