Thieves Like Us

Thieves Like Us

Bowie, a youthful convicted murderer, and bank robbers Chicamaw and T-Dub escape from a Mississippi chain gang in the 1930s. They hole up with a gas station attendant and continue robbing banks. Bowie, who is injured in an auto accident, takes refuge with the daughter of the gas station attendant, Keechie. They become romantically involved but their relationship is strained by Bowie's refusal to turn his back on crime. The film is based on the novel Thieves Like Us by Edward Anderson. The novel is also the source material for the 1949 film They Live by Night, directed by Nicholas Ray.

Two convicts break out of Mississippi State Penitentiary in 1936 to join a third on a long spree of bank robbing, their special talent and claim to fame. The youngest of the three falls in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin L (gb) wrote: It was a great movie though not the best but it is way better that Shark Night.

intuciic (jp) wrote: sometimes its better to keep your secrets deep inside you, especially dark ones which have spoiled your life. or at least know people to whom to share with. or else it might become bigger nightmare then before.

Jayson V (us) wrote: I don't get the movie. Maybe because of the poor subtitle.

Michael M (nl) wrote: Strong performances from Guy Pearce and J.K. Simmons make this an above average thriller, but the movie loses some steam towards the end. I enjoyed the first part of the film as it utilizes the southwestern atmosphere, but the second half of the film feels all over the place. I did enjoy the themes of fate, but the film's ending to me feels cheap and unnecessary.

Mark N (kr) wrote: God bless you John Waters. A love letter to radical movie makers whose independent works make cinema less predictable and infinitely more interesting than the machine could ever produce. Always with a rye eye Waters targets every trope and pretension in modern movies and calls them out. The casting of Melanie Griffith was inspired as she both fits the role as an actress and a real star. The ensemble cast are a riot of colourful human-beings who typify stereotypes as they decry them.Dorff, Witt & Gyllenhaal are a charming as counter culture rebels on a mission to expose the machine and make the most real movie ever made. Cartoony action sells the demented reality and brings genuine laughs from the ridiculousness of their escapades.

Simon D (ag) wrote: What a pile of cack. So boring it's hard, no, impossible to stay awake throughout.

Jamie C (us) wrote: A very dark entry to the Harry Potter films, I enjoyed it just as much as the others, I just thought it could of been a little better in places as not allot really happens, And there is very little humour as the whole tone is very serious and the plot may be hard for some children to follow.