Thillana Mohanambal

Thillana Mohanambal

A classical bharathanatyam dancer and a nathaswaram player fall in love against the wishes of her family.This movie is about how they try to work things out and that hardships that they have to endure. Dance and music are used as an integral part of the story rather than a pastime.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1968
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

A classical bharathanatyam dancer and a nathaswaram player fall in love against the wishes of her family.This movie is about how they try to work things out and that hardships that they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan M (jp) wrote: Bill Murray hit this one out of the park! His acting chops have sharpened as he plays a great semi-dramatic role. This movie very touching and funny at the same time. Definitely worth a watch-thanks Netflix for adding this to your library!

Mokeitha W (us) wrote: This movies was true, crazy and funny! Loved it!

Darren J (us) wrote: I like Canadian humour, and LOVE heavy metal. But this movie sucked hairy sweaty balls. I'm really blown away by the positive reviews.

Aaron R (nl) wrote: Overlong and meandering, California Dreamin' has a farcical element that sustains it's 154 minute runtime but not without it's endurances. Ably shot and nicely performed, this passion project from ill-fated director Nemesco (who tragically died in post production) serves as a labour of love more than a full toting epic that it boasts to be. It's abrupt finish adds a shadow of sadness over the film but ultimately had it been completed - the film would've ultimately been forgettable. All in all though we have lost a Romanian film talent from this effort and it denotes what greatness could have come.

Brian F (ru) wrote: this was a good movie it had alot of action

Brandon W (nl) wrote: What a fun movie! This is one of those perfect films to watch if you are ever having a 90's movie night. This film knows not to take itself seriously and is a really great satire on the whole Star Trek phenomenon. A great set of characters all with their own moments to shine and all with some great laughs. You will have a smile on your face the whole way through!

Derek D (nl) wrote: Really surprised at how good this movie was. Subject matter not the nicest - but very very clever and smart. Williams has made many worse career moves than this - and the twist at the end ties it all up nicely. I can't recommend this movie enough !

Brendan H (es) wrote: This is my favorite movie, from witty lines to a magnificent soundtrack. The only glaring flaw it's repeated almost completely in Snatch another great Guy Riche film. I would suggest grabbing a coke and rum for this ride.

Shareef B (br) wrote: it's an early 90's classic comedy in my heart!

Chris D (jp) wrote: Your giggles will quickly mutate into yawns...that's if you can last the first 10 minutes of this hilariously average scare.

Sierra W (us) wrote: Fun movie and musical, but not the most meaningful.

Will E (it) wrote: This was a lot of serious fun. Mickey Rourke is fantastic as a down-on-his-luck Irish-Italian kid whose irresponsible, probably crazy cousin, played by Eric Roberts in a bizarre performance, just lost them their jobs in a crooked Greenwich Village Italian restaurant. Things get worse from there, involving the local Mafia and corrupt cops. Fantastic NYC color, good soundtrack--only very minimally '80s--and terrific supporting cast with lots of solid character actors, and an Oscar-nominated eight minutes of screen time from Geraldine Page. This is an overlooked movie that should be rediscovered!

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Reed V (jp) wrote: A sloppy, convoluted, contrived narrative that leaves the spectator with lingering questions, like is it a comedy or drama? and how did "they" get Clooney and Roberts to do it?