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Praveen N (es) wrote: Billa 2 - The Rise of a Don. Being a massive fan of 'Thala' Ajith since Amarkalam days, it is only natural that I entered the cinema with mountainous expectations. And as the film opened with Thala surrounded by goons, and he utters the now infamous dialogue of how he carefully crafted each and every single second of his life; my expectations skyrocketed. However, as a self-confessed connoisseur of gangster flicks, admittedly, the film fell short on certain aspects. I left the cinema with a tinge of could-have-been better in my head, although my heart thoroughly enjoyed it. The question though is how do I write this review, with my head or with my heart? I decided to go with a bit of both, so here goes. The prequel to 2007's Billa lives up to a few things of its predecessor. In fact, I would go as far as to say the technical aspect of Billa 2 is simply brilliant. The fantastic cinematography of RD Rajasekhar, with his quick changing shots during the action sequences and the tonal changes the film goes through which perfectly essays the changes that the protagonist/antagonist David Billa experiences as he climbs the ladder towards what he sees as ultimate power; are cinematographic magic. The action sequences, choreographed by Stefan Richter & his team are well done; knives take centre stage in most of the early fights, while bullets take over later on. The stand-out scene has to be the helicopter stunt, where Thala hangs off the edge of the helicopter as he fights one of the baddies at an altitude of 3000-5000 feet. BGM by Yuvan is a massive highlight, as in many scenes it conveys emotions otherwise not seen on screen. Sudhanshu Pandey is very convincing as the Big Kahuna, his looks suited the character of Abbasi very well; plus him dubbing in his own voice was a plus point. Yog Japee as Ranjeeth does well and he proves to be David Billa's right hand man from the get go and their relationship from 2007's Billa is well established here. The other smaller characters performed sufficiently with Rahman appearing briefly as Jagdeesh. On the other hand, the characterization of Dmitri is one-dimensional, although Vidyut Jamwal does well in his action sequences. Bruna Abdullah's Sameera is stunning in every frame she appears in, but adds very little value to the film, while Parvathy Omanakuttan's Jasmine wasn't really needed except for the added emotional quotient. The two lead actresses' roles could have been trimmed to one singular character instead. The bevy of beauties that appear in the item numbers ooze glamour all out. Chakri Toleti shows his creative side in two great scenes, the intro and also the picturization of "Unnakule Mirugam"; both of which were amazing. The montage shot as the song plays was one of best picturizations of a mass song I have seen in a long time. One small qualm though, that the "Gangster" & "Unnakule Mirugam" songs had their places swapped instead. Having the montage of Billa at the end would have been more impactful for sure. Chakri does have a future in films if he continues to be experiment with shots, montages and action scenes. However, he could have made the screenplay more tauter. Despite its relatively short running time of 2 hours 7 minutes, the film lags a bit just before the interval, but then it's non-stop action as David Billa completes his journey and finally becomes Don Billa. Thala Ajith Kumar, what can I say, he is a tour-de-force. Be it the action sequences or his dialogue delivery, I can safely say that there will never be a more convincing don in Tamil films in the near future. Thala's mass was apparent in the cinema, every single time he appears; he captures the audience's attention. Overall, the film is a stylishly done gangster flick although, not as entertaining as the rip-roaring masala-laced Mankatha or as polished as 2007's Billa, yet it carves a niche of its own. Billa 2 - Paisa Vasool, Thala Marana Mass!!!

Matt G (ag) wrote: "New York, I Love You"? The feeling is far from mutual. A self-absorbed melodrama that's like a high-budget student film without the nave charm. And Christensen must be stopped.

Jessyca (us) wrote: Premier de ce ralisateur, aurait pu tre mieux. J'ai hte de voir ce qu'il a fait d'autres.

Bedford C (ag) wrote: Very underrated comedy. A must see.

Ipsita B (jp) wrote: One of the best Indian Gangster movies, canvassing the character of Satya & the city of Mumbai simultaneously. P.S:The Plot Synopsis provided on RT is wrong.

Leonard D (mx) wrote: The only people that this movie appeals to, are the ones who love having sexual fantasies about Pamela Anderson! This went down in history as one of the worst films of all time, and wow, does it show! I also learned that the story and plot ripped off the classic film Casablanca! How original! It's no wonder why this piss poor film bombed at the box office!

Skyler B (ag) wrote: Christopher Lloyd's character in this movie isn't funny. Its really, really scary.

Oscar H (de) wrote: Den allra frsta kannibalfilmen. Inte alls lika kraftfull som Cannibal Holocaust och inte heller lika laddad som Mountain of the Cannibal God. Filmen har, faktiskt, en hel del likheter med hgaktuella Avatar, tro det eller ej!

Brad S (au) wrote: This is a classic horror film from Mario Bava that was an inspiration for both Coppola and Scorsese. What it lacks in story, it more than makes up for in visuals and atmosphere. This movie is a must for horror fans!

Brian P (au) wrote: There is so much wrong with this movie. The fact that this movie was made in 1967 but feels like something out of the mid fifties. The dad who wears his pants up to his nipples and is about 60 and has a 8 year son. The hoodlums who dress in nice polo shirts and drink root beer. The daughter who considers kissing third base. The "funny" younger brother and the overacting of the wife. Watch for the scenes where the punks are chasing the family in their car. The family clings and claws at the dad driving is by far the funniest "not suppose to be funny'" thing in the movie. This is also a sad statement on what the major studios thought were cool and hip in the sixties. At least Easy Rider was coming.

Steve J (nl) wrote: I think this may be the best 70s noir, and I'm very aware it's up against some stiff competition (see Chinatown, The Long Goodbye, etc). I also think it may be Gene Hackman's finest hour, and yes, I'm also aware of Bonnie and Clyde and The Conversation. Arthur Penn, who directed Bonnie and Clyde, directs this film as well; it's a subtly devastating story, in which the mystery we follow is NOT the mystery actually being unfolded, but like our hero we learn this too late. Hackman plays Harry Moseby, a private eye in LA who clings to a certain old-fashioned concept of what a man, and specifically a private eye, should be. It's a concept that already seems passe in the decadent, cynical mid-70s LA the film depicts. At the start, Harry is hired by an aged starlet to find her teenage daughter. Hackman tracks the wayward girl all the way to Florida, and after an interlude there, he is finally able to bring her back home. However in the process he uncovers a much larger secret, and revealing that secret to the world may bring Harry the redemption he seems only half-aware that he seeks...or it may destroy him. This is a frustrating story to synopsize, because it is so reliant on the element of surprise to be effective (it is a mystery, after all), so the best advice I can give you is JUST GO WATCH IT.

Nathan R (gb) wrote: The Saratov Approach is the best movie the church has come out with since The Best Two Years. I still like Best Two Years more, but this one was way better than 17 Miracles and Ephraim's Rescue. It had its preachy parts, but they didn't annoy me. The acting was impressive, some scenes were pretty intense, and it also had some uplifting parts. I'm glad I saw it and I strongly suggest it.