Think Big

Think Big

Two somewhat retarded truckers hired to transport toxic waste across the country get caught up with a teen genius who stows away on their truck.

Two somewhat retarded truckers hired to transport toxic waste across the country get caught up with a teen genius who stows away on their truck. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pete 1 (ca) wrote: Beautiful film. Love the cinematography, the story and the music. It was great to sit back and just ride with Linas as he travelled across USA and connected with ordinary strangers. Great reminder of humanity and the humility we can share with one another. Would love the music to be on a soundtrack.

Erik B (us) wrote: A really good movie. The chemistry between the three leads is incredible and each one pulls off making a decently rounded character. Al Pacino and Christopher Walken are hilarious and really do bring the heartwarming moments in this movie into it well. Worth the watch if you like mob movies or buddy comedies.

David C (br) wrote: As a fan of biker movies, boy was I disappointed. The characters were all two-dimensional and you even have the misunderstood humble badass biker with a heart of gold.

JM G (au) wrote: A totally fun horror movie with a lot of comedy elements. Some of the lines the bad guys come up with are really funny. Excellent characters, too... both good and bad!

Eric R (ru) wrote: bizarre and random.. lost in translation I'm sure.. tried to be too many things at the same time... I did like that the main characters were everyday people.. rather than over the top gorgeous... the only real thing about this one.

Luke R (es) wrote: This movie caught my attention due to the rather impressive cast, though names like Forest Whitaker, Danny DeVito and Kim Basinger aren't exactly top billing these days. Speaking of which - was has happened to Forest Whitaker recently? From the Last King of Scotland, to this?"Godfrey Snow!" "God-freeeeeeeee!" Seriously, enough already Forest!Sorry, but I thought this movie was deplorable. The cast, whilst mostly big names, are nothing more than average in the end. There might be a solid performance amongst the lost of them, but for the life of me I can't find it.Perhaps Ray Liotta and even DeVito deserved pass marks - but otherwise, there wasn't a winner to be found in my opinion.The basketball scenes were poorly done. One of my major pet peeves is sports scenes in movies appearing fake - and this had fake and unbelievable written all over the court. I found no sense of realism whatsoever from any of the key basketball moments - not even from the announcer. I also find it difficult to believe Forest Whitaker could wander into a NCAA level championship game through an unlocked side entrance at one end of the court without any ticket required? Bizarre.Kelsey Grammer was not seen too much, as the detective. I didn't like the fact he had the walking sticks - I just didn't think it was needed.Kim Basinger was what I would call "over the top" in her role as the gambling addict. Again, I just didn't believe it.All in all, I'd suggest you only watch this movie if you have absolutely nothing better to do. It's from the makers of 'Crash' (or so we're told), but I'm not sure I believe that either. It is so far from 'Crash' (a great movie) that you will wonder whether you're watching a spoof of some sort.Honestly, it's that bad.

Jessica E (br) wrote: once again apparently I am the only one who liked this.

Daniel D (ru) wrote: In Lord Todd we trust!

Kara H (au) wrote: The first 10 minutes is the only part I liked. After that, it just got ridiculous.

Susan P (kr) wrote: Not much of a plot here that makes much sense, at least not until the end. I think it's basically a study of drunks, bums, etc. in the "modern" age (in this case, the great depression, but depression, drunks, sadness and death seldom change). Those many who would dismiss as worthless bums or plain spiteful are portrayed here to have come across hard times, some by accident, some by self-punishment, some by a series of unfortunate events. It doesn't take much for any of us to end up in such a situation. It highlights alcohol abuse as well as mental illness. There's a circular irony to Nicholson's character, whose pride and joy in his previous life turns on him to be basically the end of him many years later. First he yields a baseball bat, then he's chased by men with bats for being a drunken bum. I don't know, it's not a fun film to watch but the acting is phenomenal and heartbreaking. The biggest surprise to me was seeing my hero Tom Waits in a prominent role (I just picked this off of Charter cable on demand). He does warble terribly some old bum favorites, and takes his terminal illness with such glibness that you believe that not only doesn't he care, but he will go dancing to his grave. He basically acted out many of his songs! If you are into taking a walk on the wrong side of the tracks, this is about as gritty and sad as it gets.

Private U (fr) wrote: erikoinen, syv, kaunis...ktkee viestin

MK F (gb) wrote: pretty awful. funny concept, but that's just where it ended. poor ending -- deus ex machina much? half star for all the giggling i did.

Epifania A (it) wrote: Joe Cornish's "Attack the Block" is a fast paced and absolutely funny film about a posse of London teens who protect their housing block from a mass of marauding aliens. John Boyega is brilliant as Moses, the leader of the pack; as too are the other young actors, including the lovable 'wannabe bad boy teens' Sammy Williams (Probs) and Michael Ajao (Mayhem). Be sure to watch it, especially if your sides can take so many bare laughs.

Gimly M (au) wrote: Transporter Refuelled is no Transporter 2, and Ed Skrein is no Jason Statham.Though Ray Stevenson is a champ as per usual, the film itself feels lazy.