Think Like A Man Too

Think Like A Man Too

All the couples are back for a wedding in Las Vegas, but plans for a romantic weekend go awry when their various misadventures get them into some compromising situations that threaten to derail the big event.

Four guys have different personalities but interlink. Their love lives are shaky after the girls, who they are pursuing, buy Harvey';s book and start applying the advices in the book. When they realize that they have been betrayed by one of the girls, they plot to apply the information in that book to reverse the situation and teach the girls a lesson of their own… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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eslam s (br) wrote: ?? ????? ????? ? ??? ???? ?? ????? :))

Paul D (jp) wrote: Slow but thoughtful drama that reveals some of the difficult often unseen psychological interactions of a rehabilitated addict.

SeTo M (br) wrote: I laughed from the start to the end. Showing some common sad characters in Hong Kong in a comedy way. Funny and meaningful.

Yang J (de) wrote: Raw and touching. All are so genuine and make you wonder whether there is a solution.

Michael M (nl) wrote: It's really a testament to the skills of director James Wan and writer Leigh Whanell that even when their rushed to finish a product in the Hollywood system, it still comes out as a fun and sufficiently scary product. Dead Silence has faults, sure, primarily that it feels like the script is one or two drafts away from greatness. The dialogue can feel a little lame and expositioney, and I would have liked a little more about the big baddie Mary Shaw. Her motivation is kind of thin, and there's never any explanation of how she's able to do what she does. Even if they just said she was a witch the whole time, as thin an explanation as that is it would at least be something.Story problems aside though, I generally liked Dead Silence. One area where the vagueness comes in handy is with the creepy dolls that inhabit the film. In something like the Child's Play series, it was difficult for me to be afraid of Chucky, because it was very clear what the extent of his abilities were, and as such I kept thinking how easy it would be to end the little bastard. Here though, the dolls powers are pretty vague, and that makes them much scarier. And yes the film can be pretty damn scary at times. James Wan is a master of creating tension, and there are a lot of scenes where I was holding my breath waiting for something bad to happen. It's also just a very good looking movie. A great movie for Halloween, it's got all the fog, creepy buildings, and grayscale that horror fans love.The problems with Dead Silence are clear, and I can completely understand if it ruins the experience for some people. For me though, the stuff that's good is just too damn good. It's not Wan and Whannell's best work, not by a long shot, but as something a little different in their filmography it's a lot of fun.

Ilya B (ca) wrote: First viewing blew my visual cortex away. Yes, it is more philosophical than what simple people like to see. Plus, the pacing is different from conventional entertainment.

Lee M (fr) wrote: This is arguably Hurt's best role in years, and he bites into it with relish, managing to seem both manipulative and vulnerable, dour and droll at the same time. And the film is a witty, canny meditation on the power of pop culture in general and the rationalizations of cinephilia and film criticism in particular.

Shantel D (au) wrote: Weird and creepy, though, it moves very slowly. If you're a female viewer, some of it is a little uncomfortable as well... sympathy pains!! However, JEREMY IRONS. Need I say more??

Brendan H (nl) wrote: The 2nd best martial arts film you've never heard of. Chan, Hung & Biao at it again! Also notable for the 2nd best fight scene ever filmed: Chan vs Benny the Jet- round2.

Sarfara A (de) wrote: Sanjuro () Japanese film directed by Akira Kurosawa starring his longtime collaborator Toshir Mifune (one of my top-favorite actors). Sanjuro is considered sequel to Yojimbo (dir. Akira Kurosawa and starring Toshir Mifune). It is believed that the story of the movie is based on short-story by Shgor Yamamoto's called "Peaceful Days" ().Set in 1800s, one man, the warrior called Sanjuro (Toshir Mifune), comes to defense of nine young samurai worried about clan. I have always respected Akira Kurosawa, and Toshir Mifune, for doing so much for the Asian-cinema. To me 20th century always seemed to belong to Japan, and one SHOULD never have any doubt about that, ever since Time Magazine called Kurosawa 'The Asian of the Last Century'; what an achievement. Sanjuro re-defines the talent and skill of both actor and director in re-assembling all that they done previously on Yojimbo; going farthest to make us believe that they could excel in their own work, if it requires them. Toshir's dedication to acting professional forces me to bow in gratitude to this actor's immense work unmatchable by Asian actor of his times. Sanjuro offers wit-ful dialogues, soul-penetrating thrill and anxiety, and at some pace even comedic-delivery of dialogues. One of perfect Akira/Toshir movies!

cli o (fr) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Robert H (fr) wrote: A beautifully photographed, but dramatically inert, romance with suitably good performances by William Holden and Jennifer Jones.

Laurent B (gb) wrote: Not a masterpiece but still a really nice movie to watch.

Pablo G (us) wrote: Beautiful in its own bizzarre way, Breaking the waves is a daring and honestly fairly revolutionary tale and a groundbreaking moment in cinema as one of Lars Von Triers earliest artistic efforts with its own equally revolutionary take on cinema. The movies style is both gripping and at times too personal, and it is all topped off by great acting and a great script that is not afraid to go into weird and somewhat taboo territory, making it a refreshing film to watch and experience and the beggining of Von Triers trademark style and storytelling.

Christopher C (mx) wrote: A simple story of Charlie Brown finding out and accepting who he is. Beautifully animated with a simple story makes this a pretty good movie.