Third Eye

Third Eye

A young woman's supernatural ability to see ghosts is reawakened following the death of her mother. As she adjusts to her new, deathly surroundings, she and her loved ones become the target of some ill-meaning individuals.

A young woman's supernatural ability to see ghosts is reawakened following the death of her mother. As she adjusts to her new, deathly surroundings, she and her loved ones become the target of some ill-meaning individuals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kit T (ca) wrote: The couple of trailers I watched made me think the title is appropriate. It sure felt like I was dying in a cruel and unusual way.

Gray E (nl) wrote: Heart-warming documentary that hits the right marks. It's interesting to see how Tom's family work together to make his dream come true. It's funny, but never at the expense it's subject. Hell, even Lars comes off really well in the movie... even if I didn't think he was going to turn up at one point! Great movie. See it.

Paul S (it) wrote: Not bad at all ....pleasantly surprised ! Good characters :)

Rob T (gb) wrote: Dull, lifeless, low budget exorcist clone. Not bad exactly but doesn't really need to exist. Even Jeff Combs presence doesn't really help... boring...

Jun Hao T (kr) wrote: Every fifth november reminds me of this, truly a masterpiece.

Jay L (nl) wrote: "I can't promise you that I will bring you all home alive but this I swear, before you and before almighty god, that when we go into battle I will be the first to set foot on the field and I will be the last to step off and I will leave no one behind. Dead or alive, we will all come home together." ~ Lt. Col. Harold G. Moore ~ Director Randall Wallace and Actor Mel Gibson collaborate once again for the first time since they worked together in Braveheart. A perilous and sadistically violent war drama that drops you straight onto the battlefield and into the line of fire. A painstakingly breathtaking and emotionally towering film that packs nerve shredding power and heartfelt intensity from beginning to end. "We Were Soldiers" jumps straight to near the top of the list of the best Vietnam War films ever made, the power is almost overwhelming in parts, and the violence so realistically portrayed that it gets a bit tough to watch. From Platoon to Hamburger Hill, The Deer Hunter to Apocalypse Now, all Vietnam War films pack a serious punch of wickedly electrifying emotion and power, this film is just another to add in a pile of Vietnam War masterpieces. The true story of a man committed to his troops, Lt. Col. Hal Moore, the commanding officer of the First Battalion Seventh Cavalry and their bravery during one of the most violent battles during The Vietnam War. A story of courage, comaradarie, bravery, hope and the power of faith during the darkest of times. Randall Wallace throws you straight into the gut-wrenching and stomach-churning battle that took place in 1965 in Vietnam's La Drang Valley, otherwise known as "The Valley Of Death". It's jampacked with sustained action packed battles and hardcore realism throughout. A truly powerful piece of work from everyone involved. From an acting standpoint, this film is very well done and is teeming with awesome talent. Mel Gibson does a brilliant job throughout in another very demanding performance. Always good to see Gibson doing what he does best. The supporting cast comes up huge and includes brilliant performances from Chris Klein, Greg Kinnear, Sam Elliott, Kerri Russell and Barry Pepper

Rohit M (de) wrote: For a change, watched this 1990 movie. Is great before it becomes all melodramatic. Good comedy in first 2 hours. Unbearably melodramatic in the last hour. Good songs though!!

Ethan P (de) wrote: An intriguing, entertaining and heartfelt story about a selfish man whose values transform as he travels cross-country with his autistic brother in the hope of taking the inheritance he deserves.

Michael A (nl) wrote: Typical 80's comedy where nothing remotely funny happens.

Jeff V (ru) wrote: An old favorite! Good script, good acting, nice pace. Gives us the pleasant illusion that any of us has what it takes to be a good spy, if we had to. Even if you are a "weergin".

Kevin R (gb) wrote: It is the blood and dust of my ancestors.In 1858 Montana a woman is kidnapped by a notorious Indian named Grayeagle. He has an agenda for the girl and races her across the plains; meanwhile, the father of the daughter spreads rumors of the kidnapping and hunts down Grayeagle. Why did Grayeagle kidnap the girl and will the father stop him before he achieves his goal?"You could tell me something.""Let's go!"Charles Pierce, director of The Legend of Boogey Creek I & II, Chasing the Wind, The Evictors, Sacred Ground, The Town that Dreaded Sundown, and The Winds of Autumn, delivers Grayeagle. The storyline for this picture is very interesting and contains some nice twists and interactions. The acting is better than you may anticipate and the cast includes Ben Johnson, Jack Elam, Paul Fix, Alex Cord, and Lana Wood."It is a good day to die."I came across this on Netflix and decided to add this to my queue. This was a fun and well done picture that was definitely worth a viewing. It is far from a classic or must see western, but I do recommend this picture to fans of the genre. This is an above average addition to the western genre."I'll never understand why some folks do what they do."Grade: B-

Suncica M (nl) wrote: I was amazed with this film, it was something completely different and refreshing - when I think of Serbian film up to that moment. I don't really want to say anything regarding this one, people should just watch it.

Timothy S (mx) wrote: It's a tale as old as time; young love, disapproving parents and generational discord. These timeless themes are given a psychotic twist in "Endless Love", a messy but nevertheless enjoyable film that is not nearly as romantic as it thinks it is.In the beginning, the relationship between creepy Martin Hewitt and the radiant Brooke Shields is kind of sweet, as the two-year age difference isn't as scandalous as the screenwriter would like us to believe. The second half of the film turns darker and it becomes a lot of fun to watch but for all the wrong reasons. All of the credibility goes right out the window and any sympathy you had for the Hewitt character goes right along with it, as his endless love disintegrates into obsession. There's a jarring shift in tone as the story picks up after Hewitt has been found guilty or arson and includes several ludicrous moments including an attempted seduction scene involving Shield's on-screen mother. It's all campy fun indeed, but surely not the tone director Franco Zifferelli wanted for his very serious love story.The Oscar nominated title song by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross is clearly the best thing in the picture , but Zifferelli has a habit of using it at the most inopportune times such as when Hewitt is lighting Shield's house on fire or holding her down against her will. Like much of the film, it's laughable. "Endless Love" was quite controversial upon its initial release, but a lot of people won't understand why. This alleged romance will do little to lift your spirits. It may have worked better as a thriller.

Bruno V (de) wrote: This had it all ...Action , Comedy ! The Money travels fast from one gang to another ...Cool ! SOMDVD

NNick L (kr) wrote: I feel as if something's missing. What was the motive behind the shooting? Kate could've been the cause going back to the opening song "Asshole."