Third Person Singular Number

Third Person Singular Number

A woman breaks with traditional Muslim culture by living with her boyfriend before getting married, but when the relationship ends, she must face the harsh consequences of being an outcast in her community.

A woman breaks with traditional Muslim culture by living with her boyfriend before getting married, but when the relationship ends, she must face the harsh consequences of being an outcast in her community. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad S (us) wrote: A quirky film with interesting performances from Owen and Binoche. I just wish the writing didn't go into such stereotypical, over-the-top alcoholic antics from Owen's character. But there are some really strong scenes when in the classrooms and teacher's lounge. The movie just falls apart when it leaves the school.

Juli N (jp) wrote: Serve this Turkey up to the guests whom have overstayed their welcome and they will scatter like cockroaches when the light comes on!

Delphinus C (ag) wrote: I dunno man, pretty weird. Lots of random scene changes and stuff. Interesting in a filmmaking sense, but the plot is lost. And frankly, I didn't care much for the characters. I had a similar problem in Primer, but there the unwinding of the plot held my interest despite the very drab characterizations. I can't say that I understood the full underlying intent of the plot here.

Jennifer T (es) wrote: This movie is pretty good. Both characters are interesting and funny. Nice romantic comedy.

Dusty L (es) wrote: 80% on my Tomatometer.

Jill W (br) wrote: A great sequel to the first film.

Alexander C (us) wrote: Very tactful and appropiate to the times film where a president no longer has a clue or control. Rips the piss out of x factor and terrorism, also bitchy women who do anything to get to the top.

Thomas D (us) wrote: No matter the genre, a second film in the franchise is always expected to up the ante. Whether that entails expanding the scope and scale or just developing your characters to a new point of awakening is up to each film individually. Resident Evil Apocalypse adds nothing new to what the first film already established. In fact, besides a slight setting change and some new faces, this is the exact same movie.It's unfortunate that Milla Jovovich got so tied up with the Resident Evil films for all those years. She's a talented actress, and quite good in the movies, but she's never given much to do besides wear inappropriate clothing (especially in an apocalypse) and throw some punches. Alice's character arc is the same as the first film. She initially finds herself estranged to her surroundings, she finds companions, punches are thrown, guns are shot, bad people try to take her and shake her world to the core, and then she revolts. It's quite laughable.For whatever weaknesses the first film had, at least it felt original and grounded with reality. 'Apocalypse' has a ton of action and new set pieces, both of which may wow the casual filmgoer, but those sequences are constantly tied down by fast and lazy editing. A lot of films in the mid-2000's fell victim to jump cut fight scenes where you don't actually know who's punching who, you just get caught up in the excitement. With 'Apocalypse', not only do you not know who's punching who, you honestly don't care where the punches are landing anyway. It's not that I overtly disliked any of the new characters we were introduced to, such as Jill Valentine, Carlos Olivera, Angie Ashford, L.J., or Terri. But I found nothing unique or interesting about them, especially compared to the original gang in the first film.Sure, Jovovich is always entertaining to watch as Alice, but with nothing new added since the last outing, I can't possibly give the film a positive review.+Jovovich keeps it watchable-Lazy editing-Rehashed plot-Nothing unique about the new team4.4/10

Erick M (ag) wrote: Absolutely terrible and devoid of real content compared to the first one.Unlike it, this is just a kids movie, with no additional value.

Don S (ca) wrote: This mystery has many twists that happen mostly in the last 20 minutes of the movie. Continue watching in the credits, as this is when it shows you events that previously happened but were only heard and not seen. Denise Richards is smoking hot here. Decent acting with a seemingly simple a to b story, that becomes nearly so convoluted as to be unbelievable.

Jacob S (ca) wrote: Annoying, Dry sex scenes and strange kinky situations

Private U (au) wrote: Come on, how can you not love it?! Jane Badler is the bitch we all love to hate!

Andrea S (ca) wrote: I liked it much more than the book. There isn't much to it, but it was interesting to see the two love stories parallel each other.

TonyPolito (fr) wrote: Not anywhere near the most awe-inspiring of John Wayne Westerns, this being quite late in his career. But, still, we ARE talking The Duke here. The film outlines true facts regarding the violent conflict between cattlemen John Chisum and L.G. Murphy known as the Lincoln County Wars. By 1878, Lincoln County and The Pecos is a fairly well-settled, well-claimed part of the New Mexico Territory; the daily stagecoach arrives with affluent Easterners (including lovely ladies in their finest) most every afternoon, looking to stake some claim on their future. Blackhatter Murphy (Forest Tucker) holds a monopoly in banking and dry goods - and sells cattle to the government that he rustles from others. Plus Murphy's got the sheriff and The Governor in his back pocket. And by expanding his control over the water supply, Murphy's planning to get even richer off the increasing population. Local cattleman John Chisum (Wayne, of course) is going to fight to change all that. With some help from Pat Garrett (Corbett), and despite some two-timing by Billy the Kid (pretty-boy Deuel), that is. The film's clearly influenced by the success of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" just the year prior; breezier subplots/scenes are injected and Glen Campbell's gentle voice provides some of the score. Another artifact from the time: introductory voiceover by William Conrad, the portly star of the "Cannon" gumshoe TV series. RECOMMENDATION: Despite the shortcomings, Wayne ridin' for righteousness - plus the true telling of one of the Old West's most legendary conflicts - equals worthy one-spin viewing.

Mario V (fr) wrote: propaganda at his best

Frederick M (au) wrote: Heart wrenching tale of the mental strain on US soldiers. A must see for all patriotic Americans.

Iain B (jp) wrote: What exactly is Gerard Butler's accent?