Thirteen Chimes

Thirteen Chimes

Jacobo is a young sculptor that returns to native city, Santiago of Compostela, to see his mother, locked up a psychiatric hospital for to kill to her husband, when he believed she dead ...

Jacobo is a young sculptor that returns to native city, Santiago of Compostela, to see his mother, locked up a psychiatric hospital for to kill to her husband, when he believed she dead ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlie D (nl) wrote: A great movie with a lot of positive messages. I think they should make more movies like this one, it is a good feel good movie. The only thing that was wrong was the acting, could have been better.

Daniel T (br) wrote: Goodness, gracious ... is it over with? The first three films were excellent and the fourth was pretty good. Beyond that, we started the steep decline into mediocrity. There is absolutely nothing to see here that wasn't already done better in previous installments.

Ryan S (gb) wrote: 4/5. Yes it's over the top and a bit unbelievable, but the acting is great and the story is interesting. While it is a Michael Bay film, I think it may be his best one.

Matthew L (ru) wrote: No modern filmmaker has documented the melancholy evolution of modern China better than Jia Zhang Ke, and his latest, "24 City," mixes documentary interviews with fictional monologues to tell the story of an old munitions factory and the people who worked in it, that is now being razed to build a high rise living spaces called "24 City." A poignant examination of urban progress, and the gap between the old generation and the new.

Cristhin R (au) wrote: Funny...for drummers

Jason D (fr) wrote: Deep Shock tackles the hard pressing subject of the polar ice caps melting, causing less and less land to be around as each decade passes. The United Nations (presented in this film to look like a house of retards) has been researching this situation along with problems escalating around the polar ice caps involving a submarine and underwater nuclear station being attacked. A small crew is sent out to the nuclear station to see what happened, which is comprised of of bleeding heart lead girl, her ex-husband leading man (David Keith, the most recognizable face in this film, sadly), the token bad guy who goes out of his way of being narrow-minded and wanted to kill, blow up shit, and vote Republican, and two extra bodies to add to the body count. What happens is a full contact with massive, electrical eels that can communicate through the computers (whatever). There's a lot of bad acting and really bad special effects that truly ruin this film, but what really gets to me the most is the filmmakers decision to show that text you see to show where a scene is taking place at. Yeah, well when that happens just about every other minute and even goes as far as repeating (!!!) itself at times, well, that just pisses me off. Also, the cover is very misleading. Bad movie.

Maan A (de) wrote: A gem! If you liked Darjeeling Limited or O' Brother Where Art Thou you will probably like this one. Better than Closely Watched Trains.

Rob L (ag) wrote: It's pretty cheesy, poorly acted, and not very good. You can find a little amusement out of it, but it's not really worth it to watch for a few seconds of amusement.

Jenna I (mx) wrote: All at once weirder and yet way more normal than I expected. Everybody's a raw emotion. Strangely endearing, and genuinely a sweet love story?

John P (de) wrote: It does get a little repetitive and loses its charm in the last few minutes but the cute, intelligent dog and the adorable little cougar cubs are hard to dislike.

Jessica D (fr) wrote: Loved it! I enjoy really good sports movies, which means that I don't get to enjoy many sports movies because there are not that many good ones out there. Similarly, I am finding the same with lesbian romances - there just aren't that many really good ones; that, or I'm picking the wrong ones to watch. But this hit the mark on both counts - a beautifully made film, no melodrama, not especially romantic, but sensitive, touching and left me feeling for both main characters. Wonderfully acted. I will definitely watch this again.

Juuso L (gb) wrote: I was going to rate this 3 stars, but then those last 20 minutes or so lifted the movie to the whole new level. Great film in the tradiotion of "artist turning into murdering maniac." When you combine these four things: Japan - avantgarde - exploitation - sixties, you know you can't go wrong. Maybe not a perfect movie as a whole, but always interesting. Would like to see this on big screen.

Valerie M (jp) wrote: Visually stunning, funny, and a virtual who's who of studio era actors. Highly enjoyable, if dated.

Lanky Man P (us) wrote: Boring but solid performance.