Thirty Leagues Under the Sea

Thirty Leagues Under the Sea

Directed by Carl Gregory.

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Gimly M (fr) wrote: The first Tremors film to go Straight-to-Video, and that video features one of the *worst* covers I've ever seen. Seriously, do yourself a favour and google that shit, it's amazing. Back to Perfection really ups the CGI quotient. Not always a bad thing but it is when the quality is as poor as this. I understand it though, home media releases don't typically get the biggest budgets. Again, Tremors 3 is nowhere near as good as the original, but it's probably only a single step (or maybe two) below Tremors 2. And so far all three of them have proven entertaining.

David C (br) wrote: A dull, slow moving story that to me was about a 14 year old boy curious about sex, enlists his female friend to discover it with him. Next thing, girl is pregnant. A weird story with a controlling grandfather, a wacky mother who has a strange Indian boyfriend.

Steve S (us) wrote: **1/2 (out of four) Four hour mini-series that tries to add some credibility to the mass of Hercules movies that have become somewhat of a joke over the years. Paul Telfer sure looks the part, though he also looks like he should be advertising toothpaste, or something like that. The story is still on the weak side as he goes through all his usual trials. Better than most, but nothing overly special.

Tenderly S (kr) wrote: Brilliantly crafted. Tragic. Beautiful. Wow.

Del H (gb) wrote: Minimalist filmmaking captures much more than it normally does in Jim Jarmusch's 1991 film, a look at five different people getting five different cab rides with five different cab drivers in five different cities. Some of them learn something, some of them commit unintentional murder, some barely accomplish anything, but what all these stories have in common is pure humanity, some good, some bad, some comical. Jarmusch accomplishes a panorama of human nature through a common motif (taxi cabs) and does this with wit, drama, and sheer oddness. Interesting and worth the effort.