Thirty Lies or So

Thirty Lies or So

"Yaku san-ju no uso", otherwise known as "Thirty Lies Or So", is about four men and two women who plot to defraud a mystery company. Each character tries to deceive the other out of the 70 ...

"Yaku san-ju no uso", otherwise known as "Thirty Lies Or So", is about four men and two women who plot to defraud a mystery company. Each character tries to deceive the other out of the 70 ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel P (de) wrote: Bateman and Reynolds embody each other's mannerisms well and there's occasionally a funny observation, but the relentless and hideous treatment of women - in particular Leslie Mann's character - made the whole film have a putrid air of misogyny.

Brian S (au) wrote: There are movies about zombies and then there are zombie movies; "Last of the Living" is of the latter type. It's lifeless, stiff, lumbering and predictable. The story mindlessly wanders about with no apparent goal, decomposing along the way, until it ultimately disintegrates. This is a zombie movie.Three 20-something men are surviving the zombie holocaust in an apartment in New Zealand. There's danger in the street, but they've got everything they need. They raid supermarkets and entertainment shops, take turns cooking and cleaning, watch TV and play video games. They're all stereotypical characters, a sort of odd trio: a rock-n-rolling wannabe tough guy, a womanizing slob and an overly-cautious, bookish nerd. The only thing they don't have is a woman, so when they meet a beautiful 20-something scientist, they decide to help her as she attempts to get a zombie blood sample to an island where other scientists are waiting to create a cure and turn the zombies back. They drive in a car, they fly a plane, they beat on zombies with a baseball bat, but mostly they deliver lame lines that fail to be funny and try to look scared of the nondescript zombies. There's a complete lack of imagination throughout, and it's hard not to be annoyed by all of the characters. Everything's completely predictable, and the ending seems calculated more to leave room for a sequel than to resolve a story. In fact, it isn't really an ending at all."Last of the Living" misses on both humor and horror. If you're looking for a good zombie flick from New Zealand, get hold of Peter Jackson's "Dead Alive" and leave "Last of the Living" to molder.

Mike H (mx) wrote: This very cool little movie stars Ben Vereen and some of the best actors ever to come out of Second City, including Tim Kazurinsky, Greg Hollimon, and David Pasquesi. For those of us looking into the abyss of this financial crisis this film gets down to what it's really all about. It's funny, quirky, and lays out a great message of social justice. You will love it! The musical score is way cool too!

Stephanie C (br) wrote: Smart take on the regular vampire flick. Fast paced, edgy, interesting, and enjoyable!

Alex S (gb) wrote: Being John Malkovich has to be one of the most original ideas in cinema history. Charlie Kaufman's script is humorous and witty, with a sense of satire that is as self-aware as it is smart. With stataements being made on the nature of celebrities and egos within the industry, Spike Jonze's introspective masterpiece is even more relevant in the modern day than the time it was released.

Camille L (jp) wrote: Guarding Tess est une comdie dramatique sur un garde du corps bien trop diplm pour veiller sur la Premire Dame des USA. Ce qui pourrait tre mlodramatique se trouve lev par la simple prsence de Nicolas Cage et Shirley MacLaine, absolument parfaits. Mais Guarding Tess, aussi bien intentionn qu'il soit, est particulirement inintressant cause du manque total de pripties originales faire vivre nos deux protagonistes, qui passent donc le film s'envoyer des piques plus ou moins drles. Dommage, car le supporting cast est aussi bon que les deux monstres et que le film a la bonne ide de ne durer que 90 minutes. Mais rellement, rien n'est garder de cette sympathique pochade qu'est Guarding Tess.

samantha m (fr) wrote: a back in the day movie