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Thirudan torrent reviews

Jessica H (ag) wrote: a different view that improves on what you already know.

Oliver B (it) wrote: The actors were exceptional and but the story lines of some of the characters were unnecessary for the plot to advance although they do provide comic relief the sound track play perfectly with some of the tones of the film the film itself was quite refreshing film to watch. It show the transformation of both characters and how the suddenly become dependent on each other as they become good friends. Overall, it is a feel good film but not a must see on my list

Dave J (jp) wrote: Friday, January 7, 2011 (2009) Icarus ACTION Slightly better with a similar theme than "True Lies" despite it's straight to rental budget about undercover Russian hitman (Dolph Lundgren) with family and then gets double crossed! The main difference is the story structure is interesting with some interesting revealations about the main protagonist regardless of some bad acting- with some well choreographed action sequences this movie is really not bad! 3 out of 4

Steve G (gb) wrote: I haven't seen it in decades. But I remember my reaction. It was alright.

Grant P (ca) wrote: The film situates itself in the mundane life of Iris, a poor girl working at a match factory. Television news reports on heated world conflict contained within the film provide a sharp contrast to dreary, lifeless streets of her Helsinki neighborhood and additionally foreshadow Iris' eventual turn.One of the more important aspects of Kaurismki's films is the score. Nearly all of the music in Tulitikkutehtaan tytt is diagetic, emerging from radios or live performance groups. Because dialogue is minimal and there isn't narration, it is Kaurismki's intention that the lyrics of the songs assume a narration-like quality or unspoken sentiment. For me, this is first exemplified about 2/5 of the way through when Iris is sitting alone in a diner. You could argue that Iris' appearance at the dance in the first ten minutes would truly qualify. Certainly, though, the concluding song is most significant as characters' spoken words are muted in complete favor of the music. The man sings, "When you give everything only to find disappointment, the burden of memories becomes too hard to bear. The flower of love won't be shining now. Your cold eyes and chilly smile have put it out. Oh, how could you." Tulitikkutehtaan tytt is a tragic tale, but it manages to find a sense of humor in its darkness, both literally and figuratively.The quote that opens the film from Sergianne Golon is an interesting one, because it's an enigma until the final quarter of the film. "Most likely they died of cold and hunger far away in the middle of the forest." Who is it referring to? Well... watch. In my opinion, it really encapsulates the film's humor with its forthcoming darkness.

Scott R (es) wrote: Why, oh I keep doing this to myself? Seriously, how did this one get rated so positively? I feel like I'm being generous giving it a full star, but I recall there being one scene that I did not hate. Didn't like it, just didn't hate it.

neil L (nl) wrote: Bored stiff by this one

John B (ru) wrote: My readers know that I am not usually a fan of period pieces but this one works well.

Matthew S (it) wrote: ~~~~~~(MAJOR SPOILERZ!!!!)~~~~~~Let us just start with saying that all the reviews of this movie were wrong, and that we honest to God believe that this is an amazing movie. Let us tell you why! 1) Every character was lovable. Jax: As the token black guy, he filled his role just like his witty and urban banter filled my heart. At first when we saw that Johnny Cage died and was replaced by Jax we were sorely upset, but after he opened his mouth and spit his first hilarious line we were hooked for sure! Also let us just say that he is HUGE! Ladies will love this movie! Liu Kang: Immediately we were struck by his hair. We had seen it before in the first movie (also a must watch), and we are proud to say that not a single hair has been displaced. It looked just as luxurious, if not more so. Liu Kang struggles throughout the movie with low self-esteem, and the three dimensional nature of his character really strengthens the movie as a whole. Sonya: Wow, nipples. Shes back and even hotter than before, and now with a new love interest in Jax. This classy Hollywood hottie is now paired up with a black dude, and is fighting social norms while kickin' ass. Cool. Shiva: Double the arms, double the fun. We both have had a crush on her since the we moment saw her, and we agree she is without a doubt the most beautiful woman either of us have ever seen. We wish we had a girl like Shiva to do some "Mortal Kombat" with, if you know what we mean.We could honestly go on, this movie was filled with amazing, sorry, let us reiterate, AMAZING characters which we could write about until "Annihilation". We wish that they were a part of our great big family.2) The Kombat was amazing.First off, the flips. They rule! The characters basically flip everywhere. You might think it would get old, or just look stupid but we are glad to report that it doesn't. The choreographers and the stunt doubles really did a bang-up job. Just when you thought the flips would stop, or that it wasn't appropriate in the scene, they pulled a fast one on you and stuck one in there. It fit every time and felt great. We honestly believe they could squeeze a flip into a sex scene if they weren't stuck to a PG13 rating. Besides the flips, the fight choreography was a visual banquet and fight choreographers Robin Shou and Pat E. Johnson deserve more recognition for their masterful accomplishment. The kicks, punches, leg sweeps, and cartwheels are top knotch. Sonya has a magnificent high kick, smacking perpetrators for miles around with her beautifully meaty legs. The special wizard powers of characters like sub-zero and nightwolf (that vision quest was groovy) added a whole new dimension that conventional martial arts movies just can't match.3) Special effectsThe special digital effects (both 3-D and 2-D) were mind-expanding at the time of the movies release, and believe it or not they still hold up powerfully today. We're at a loss for words trying to describe the climactic dragon fight between Liu Kang and Shao Khan. It's truly something that has to be seen to be understood. The digital effects team hits hard, fast, and often with a rambunctious energy in their craft and love in their hearts, leaving us and my companions stunned and speechless for indefinite hours.4) The plotWe cried when Johnny Cage died. The bond between Johnny and Sonya was so deep that during that scene we almost felt like we lost our own lover. We were brought to tears. Other scenes had the perfect mix of poignancy and sexy. Many times we were left both misty-eyed and half-chubbed, a perfect mixture.5)ConclusionIn short, this movie has changed our lives for the better. We live our lives like Sonya, and make sure we make connections with our loved ones because we know they could be ripped away at a moments notice. The wise words of Raiden echo in our brains, helping us overcome any challenge or trial that life can toss our way. We used to get caught up, but now we can front flip through the fires of hell without the slightest of harm befalling us. We thoroughly believe everybody should see this at least twice in their lifetime; it's just that good.Over and out, Carney and Matt

Ivan S (it) wrote: Don't waste your time. The original I give it 5 stars. I don't know where this one came from.

Robert A (de) wrote: Disorienting, dizzying, and quite unsettling at times... All the workings of a Hitchcock masterpiece, and this film rightfully can be considered a definitive example of that. It's not structured the way a thriller so often is, both nowadays and in the era when it was released, in that the pacing can be considered particularly slow at times. However, if viewers can get over that stigma, they'll find a highly captivating story of a traumatized detective hired for one more case, a case he is woefully unprepared for. Jimmy Stewart is brilliant as usual as the lead, Scottie Ferguson, bringing his every-man, sympathetic persona to a character that could have easily come across as a completely unsympathetic, unstable and unlikable individual had a lesser actor taken the role. Instead, as the case unravels and his fears and obsessions begin to take hold, Stewart's portrayal brings mixed feelings of pity and disturbance, an intriguing train-wreck that is a broken man trying desperately to keep himself together, and failing. Co-star Kim Novak is similarly brilliant as the mysterious woman that Scottie is asked to investigate, a woman he finds himself falling for, only to find he's fallen for what is quickly proven to be a deceptive performance, and not entirely a willing one on the deceiver's behalf. The mystery, as many will claim, is one that quickly solves itself before the film's climax, but this isn't meant to be a mystery film, it's a character study, one that shows just what past traumas, obsession, and fabrication can do to a person, and the ensuing consequences that can result from their attempts to deal with such things. It all plays out like a massive car pile up, a horrid sight, but one you can't take your eyes off of, and I mean that in the best possible way. Hitchcock at his prime was a master at pulling off this sort of thing, and Vertigo may well be the prime example of this mastery.

Eric Vierthaler (au) wrote: I know its wrong to judge a book by its cover (Or should I say judge a movie by its cover.) but looking at the poster it just seems gay. Yes I know its wrong to judge.

Steve F (it) wrote: slightly better than the first