Thiruthani Movie story is about a youth who is very selfish and self centered.

A young man taking it out on all bad elements of the society and attempting to cleanse it with his antics with a military man in tow. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew B (de) wrote: [A gang of baby spiders attacking a women and dragging her away and the main character says this...] Alex Mathis: "Oh no, oh dam she dead, okay guys let get out of here." That right there is some of the worst acting and the worst sentence since the masterpiece of shit that was The Room.I don't really need to go into full detail about this movie. You can tell by the title of this movie that it's not even going to try to be good and would you know it this movie is awful, but it's so bad that it's actually pretty funny, I mean good god.The acting is dreadful, the directing is just playing bad and effects are just terrible. This movie is so bad it's actually pretty funny, I won't lie that I laughed more then once during this movie. It's on the same level of funny and bad like The Room.

Eliabeth M (de) wrote: This movie is typical of movies produced for IMAX science museums, aimed at a very young audience, and moderately interesting to them. This particular movie is a little too scary for the 4-6 year-olds obsessed with dinosaurs.

kyo 9 (br) wrote: a very good inspirational movie.. what surprises me is the last part where the person who created shoes is the foundation fathers of Nike~ NICE!

Jorban J (es) wrote: Eh, I laughed a few times.

Fit K (us) wrote: Film bello e divertente, nonostante la storia e il finale ti lascia proprio col sorriso in faccia.KIKA! Che personaggio da parte di Almodovar, non so, mi sembra che sia un personaggio che impersonifica la libert...Carino carino carino.

Jayden (es) wrote: ....................

Jace L (de) wrote: Eating Raoul leaves its viewers feeling full.

Muhammed S (gb) wrote: Crap! utter waste of time

Russell H (de) wrote: Dreyfuss was hilarious as he loses it. This was a cool movie with some good effects for its time. I thought the musical space ships idea was kinda stupid and the aliens look retarded.

forcebucket B (gb) wrote: Better than air force one. Much better.

joe F (gb) wrote: Fifty Shades of Grey is not a great film. this is BULLSHIT!

Wade H (br) wrote: Even with cheesy effects and fast-cut pacing. The film pulls off its generic cliche approach with ease. Filled with oddball humor and repetitive puns, it's just easy to sit back and enjoy some stupid fun.