This Beautiful City

This Beautiful City

Friday night in Toronto’s lower west end. Chatter from a dinner party in Harry and Carol’s nouveau riche condo drifts through an open balcony door, as two freebase cokeheads, Pretty and Johnny, have a party on their own in the alley below. As the dinner guests leave, the hostess is nowhere to be found. Until, a wet thud and a sharp scream rise up to the balcony. Pretty stares in horror at Carol’s body, splayed on the alley floor, as Harry screams for help from above. The sharp burst of police sirens sends the cokeheads running as Peter, a middle aged police officer, sprints from his cruiser to check Carol’s vitals. Rocket forward three months and these five disparate lives begin to cataclysmically intersect through weaving multi-narrative story arcs that release spurts and geysers of long-suppressed sexuality and aggression. Beautiful things can happen when you hit rock bottom.

When a woman plummets from her condo balcony in Toronto's West Queen West neighbourhood, five turbulent lives collide, releasing spurts and geysers of long suppressed sexuality and aggression. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shawn H (gb) wrote: The scariest thing about Madison County is how well the ads ork on making this movie look good. This coming from someone who loves horrible movies, I that hope really says something. When movies are bad due\ to acting or a goofy plot, it's horribleness is forgiveable, and laughable, But when you give it an earnest try and come up so short you can't see the finish line, there's a major problem.The only enjoyment I got from this movie was the fact my girlfriend is afraid of pig masks. But after about 10 minutes of watching our killer in action, she too had fallen bored of it. Maybe if the pure evil pig-faced Damien [original.] was threatening at all this movie would have worked better. But that doesnt necessarily mean big and bulky or anything, maybe if he had maniacal laughter or... ANYTHING! Sometimes, when the 'monster' doesnt speak behind a mask it makes it scarier, but they're the kind who would be frightening even if they said an occassional one-liner. [Jason Vorhees = scary. Damien and Michael Meyers = not so much.]Apparently, all you need to make a horror movie is a 'scary setting' [the country, that's only scary to people from the city] and what looks like a teenager in a mask. And of course, this movie isn't without it's cliches. Damien is beaten in the head repeatedly, to what should be to the point of death, and when the heroes run over his body to escape, Damien, OF COURSE, comes back.The situations that these victims [the viewers are the real victims] get themselves into are so pathetically easy to get out of, or turn it in their favor, that it would make you believe the director has never even watched a horror movie before.I must admit though, the *spoiler alert* knee breaking scene is the highlight of the film. Sure it's less then one second, but it's done nicely and catches you completely unaware.The final seconds of the film has a shakey zoom-in onto Damien, still alive and kickin', trying to leave off for a sequel, but if there's a God there wont be another... too bad for us we'll probably be seeing Madison County: Pigs CAN Fly any time now.

claude b (mx) wrote: I like old school kung fu movies where the voice over is just not right, and people seem to jump in the air better than our NBA players. I liked it but felt it jumped to much and left to much out of the story line on DVD he should have put out an uncut version so people who liked it could see what it could have been.

Francisco L (ag) wrote: Into the wild suffers from a confusing plot, because we can't situate with precision when the scene that we are watching happened, but despite that, Into The Wild brings outstanding performances by its terrific cast, dazzling visuals, an unpredictable end and an interesting and pertinent story that should never be forgotten because of the good moral lessons that it teaches.

Edgar C (nl) wrote: A very powerful, complex, symbolic and colorful drama. The plot is simple, and yet so deep. Kim Ki-Duk makes his second best masterpiece and makes an extremelly brilliant use of the silence once more. A gem, and one of the best films of the modern era.92/100


Joshua R (it) wrote: Normally I'd buy into the cheesy acting and poor production aspects of troma films. hell, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter was incredible. but Buttcrack has such poor production that the aspects of the film that are supposed to be funny are simply exposed in their raw form as an unprecedented disaster. the movie caused me physical pain to watch. it's only an hour long but that's far too much for me. I was looking forward to it ending throughout. sorry Troma, you did too good a job trying to create a poorly structured film that it ended up being one of the worst movies i've ever seen.

Janine R (kr) wrote: Forgot I liked this movie. The way Stallone enters a room......priceless!

Jessica M (ag) wrote: Such a classic action hero movie. The charcters are meant to be funny btw. You can't take this seriously. When you just go a long for the ride, this movie ends up being so much of a fun adventure, with great lines, awesome characters, a crazy plot, and an epic ending. The story plays off of all the super hero, action hero books. Jake Speed is such a likable character, even though he does it all for money and seems like a silly person, and his sidekick and him are great. Most entertaining movie ever! Movies aren't made like this anymore.

Daniel V (kr) wrote: The Best Hip Hop Story ever told.

FilmGrinder S (ca) wrote: 68%Here's something I haven't seen before: a villain use hump handicap as a weapon. Also, great power comes from an outie belly button, unless of course, it's pulled out.

Christopher P (kr) wrote: I love John Wayne, but this movie is a hopeless clunker. Very dull and very cheesy. The only thing that saves it from a dreaded half-star rating is the presence of the Duke.

Kelsey H (de) wrote: I thought Diana Lynn's character was a bit creepy especially towards the middle. Somehow though I came around...

Brandon W (fr) wrote: Chronicle is the directorial debut of Josh Trank who ended up directing and writing Fantastic Four, which turned out to be a colossal disaster, and it stars Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, and Michael B. Jordan in a found-footage film about three senior students that found something underground that caused them to have superpowers, but while time goes on where two of them are using it for small stuff, one of them is thinking of using them for something else. This is honestly the most watched film that I've seen that's a found-footage film considering that it's not a horror film, which is a very different approach than the typical found-footage films, and it's kind of a superhero film, which except for Unbreakable, I really haven't seen a superhero film that's not based on any comic books, so it's entirely new on its own thing. So with this, Chronicle remains one of my favorite found-footage films still. With a bunch of newcomers in this, they were great in this as I find it believable that they are good friends. The found footage they used makes sense, and the way it transcends from one camera to another was really clever and would make sense that way. The characters are three dimensional in this that you feel really sorry for one of the kids. The special effects look really good, and the fact that they use their powers for small things is honestly what I would've done to do if I have powers. The script by Max Landis is great at understanding what high school life is like, and also what one of the characters have to go through for not only school, but also family issues. The last act of the film is a lot of fun to watch with a lot of nice shots that make seem like a movie and not a found-footage one. Luckily for this one, it's one of the less jittery found-footage films that I can think of, so it won't really make any people have motion sickness, but there are some scenes that'll probably turn people away who doesn't like getting sick in terms of the camera going around. With that said, Chronicle is a fantastic film that I'm a bit glad that Josh Trank and Max Landis got more careers for their films, even if it's not at their highest yet.