This Charming Girl

This Charming Girl

This film is a restrained, yet thoroughly engaging, study of a female post office worker's emotional life.

This film is a restrained, yet thoroughly engaging, study of a female post office worker's emotional life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Calum R (jp) wrote: With its late release over here in England, by the time the film was released, it had already come to prominence with overwhelming reviews and 6 Oscar nominations to its name, so I entered with relatively high expectations, which I generally find to be a bad call as you tend to be let down, however Gibson's first directorial effort in a decade, 'Hacksaw Ridge', is a raw and emotional gut punch.With the history of cinema being littered with the production of World War II films, primarily in the form of over-the-top propaganda pictures such as Saving Private Ryan (which nonetheless I still love), it's nice to see a movie that delves down the path of anti- war and focuses on the true-life tale of an uncaped superhero over fictional splendour, and 'Hacksaw Ridge' is just that. The film starts with rather over-sentimental, soap opera style tendencies which are occasionally funny to watch, but nonetheless they are perfect at delivering character development to our front-running hero Desmond Doss. I was initially expecting a 'Pearl Harbor' approach, with over an hour of lovey-dovey sentimental crap followed by under-accomplished action, but it was quite the opposite. The opening features the stated character development drama, but gives us an insight into Doss's personal reasons for his faith and religious approaches, then thrusts us into war.Now, the war scenes... well, let's just say they're some scenes I doubt I'll be forgetting anytime soon. They're epic, they're visceral, they're emotional, they're gory, but above all else, they are executed perfectly. Upon reaching the top of the Maeda Escarpment, nicknamed "Hacksaw Ridge", the squad are instantly driven into the horrors of war, the loss of friends and hope. The raw and visceral images are maybe even a little too realistic. Dead bodies are strewn across the ground, innards and entrails litter the floor, smoke and fire choke the landscape. This is war.'Hacksaw Ridge' is a hard-hitting film that if watched and truly understood, will be an unforgettable experience, and the concluding interviews with the real-life Doss add to the emotional core. The cinematography is stunning, the music is beautifully alluring and the performances, especially from Andrew Garfield, are beyond fantastic, Garfield completely embodies the persona of Doss with sheer accuracy. Further shoutouts to Hugo Weaving, Sam Worthington and the surprisingly brilliant Vince Vaughn. This is, in my opinion, one of the greatest films to have graced 2016... or 2017 here in the UK! We forgive you Gibson!

Love M (de) wrote: A story with little depth or expansion but holds itself to the end.25.4.14

Holly S (nl) wrote: not sure about this movie

Gabriel M (mx) wrote: Gay zombies?wtf this movie is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo weirdorgy meat bits?wtfso many weiners, this is like soft core necrophilia

Cli D (nl) wrote: omg it lik so totally rox

Philip C (ru) wrote: Mindless farce, pity the acting is so overdone

Jen C (mx) wrote: It was amazing!!!!!!!

Tracie S (jp) wrote: This was my favorite movie when I was 11 although I only saw it once until the rise of VHS in the mid 1980's. Now, almost 40 years later, my 11 year old loves it too. I'm always confused at the ending though. She does fabulous at the sectionals. No one knows she is still blind. Then comes the flowers. "We forgot about the flowers" they all say, and they look so sad. Did she get disqualified at sectionals because she fell over the flowers? Doesn't seem right. They took an otherwise uber happy ending and leave you wondering "Am I happy for her" or "Am I sad for her?".

Aaron N (gb) wrote: A great B&W sci-fi with wonderful camera movement and a story that is relevant even today.

Robert H (br) wrote: With Silent Retreat Director Tricia Lee shows she has the talent needed to make a go at it in this dog eat dog world we call film. She manages to craft both a decent psychological thriller and a decent monster movie. Where the film tends to fail imo is that the film is both a psychological thriller and a monster movie. Had the story stayed within either realm I think it would have suceeded much more. The filmmakers try and weave the two story aspects together and to a certain extent, manage to accomplish much more than lesser skilled persons might, but neither storyline really feels like they completely mesh. In the end I wish Silent Retreat had actually been split into 2 very different films. It's clear that with a little work and changes to the story, it could have easily been accomplished. Will Tricia Lee become a household name in horror or will we see her silently retreat into obscurity? I hope to see much more of her work in the future and will continue to follow every single one of her horror related projects... this girl has something and her voice needs to be heard.