This Darling Life

This Darling Life

  • Category:Documentary
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:MongDu
  • Country:Hong Kong
  • Director:Angie Chen
  • Writer:Angie Chen (story)

Director Angie Chen explores 10 relationships between dog owners and their furry friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tanvir M (ag) wrote: The best kind of fantasy film, where a formidable cast and special effects are used together seamlessly to tell a profoundly human story- about the power of imagination in facing inconsolable grief and loss.

Janine G (ca) wrote: I'm a huge horror movie fan but I was disappointed in this movie. I feel as if they could have gone more in depth on getting to know the characters and found this movie to be mediocre at best. I could predict everything that was going to happen by a long shot as the story line was very basic.

Rob K (nl) wrote: When is society going to outgrow this misandric nonsense? Between Fem-dom/feminist revenge flicks, minority flicks and the like, it's starting to feel like society really does want to see a day when white males are completely extinct.

Nicholas F (au) wrote: Good idea and acting, but poor plot.

Frances H (ru) wrote: Cute, but too slowly paced story about the meaning of truth and lies.

Nuwan S (us) wrote: Well although it's a pretty good movie...Nice acting by both stars...:D

Matt B (de) wrote: I hated Elizabethtown. As handsome as Orlando Bloom may be, he's absolutely TERRIBLE here. He's stiff as a floorboard and his American accent is unbearable. I liked him a lot more when he as Legolas...Kirsten Dunst is beautiful but also really annoying here. The movie has such a celebratory tone about it that it ends up feeling really pretentious. Cameron Crowe made a much better movie 5 years ago called Almost Famous. You know it? See that instead.

Private U (au) wrote: Good life story if you like those kinds of movies.

Charlie M (ru) wrote: Parents become intergalactic warriors in this silly dark comedy.

Paul P (mx) wrote: Top marks to Bergman for doing something different. A horror movie more focused on the mind and the fascinating tightrope walk that is fading sanity. By not explaining what is exactly haunting Johan it leaves alot of wonderful ambiguity where you can fill in the details. But by doing this some scenes go from eerie to very dull. Interesting flick from Bergman that is worth a go for any fan of his.

Justin W (fr) wrote: this film seems to take itself pretty seriously...which makes it full of cheesy goodness. basically, it's earth folk vs. moon folk using guns with sound effects and no bullets....not even the little white 'bang' shapes coming out of the guns, either. the end is pretty stupid, too. the moon guy leader says that he's gonna win...the main character says that he won't....and then the moon guy leader says 'then we've lost.' quite the struggle. but anyway, it's great for a's a great unintentionally funny film.

Mark W (de) wrote: I watched this because Singapore Airlines had me believe they were showing the 1939 classic. In fact, I think that's what they thought they were showing. When it started out, I was still fooled because of the 1960s production values and I actually didn't know the original was done way back in 1939. Still and all, it was entertaining and you could do worse than picking this out of the weekly rental bin for a rainy afternoon especially if you want to see what a bunch of 70s country music stars come up with to remake a 30s classic in the 80s using 60s dialogue and camerawork.

Alec B (es) wrote: It's no wonder that The Sopranos used it's "Mobster goes to a shrink" plot device for dramatic effect, as a comedy it's a little one note.

Keith J (ag) wrote: He can be an action star. Script needed more development. Characters too one deminsional.

Adeel A (ca) wrote: One of the best horror films of it's time. It will keep you guessing until the end! Camera lighting was superb!

Matt T (au) wrote: True story about sex-trafficking by UN sanctioned contractors in Bosnia observed by Kathryn Bolkovac who subsequently went into exile in Holland.

Countess N (mx) wrote: 1 April 2011 Caught this movie by chance and when i came to rate it i had put not interested...well I loved this movie. Such a powerful drama. John Malkovich was amazing.