This Film Is Not Yet Rated

This Film Is Not Yet Rated

Kirby Dick's provocative documentary investigates the secretive and inconsistent process by which the Motion Picture Association of America rates films, revealing the organization's underhanded efforts to control culture. Dick questions whether certain studios get preferential treatment and exposes the discrepancies in how the MPAA views sex and violence.

Kirby Dick's exposé about the American movie ratings board. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua F (mx) wrote: I was hoping for more Pee-Wee's playhouse, but this is still an endearing look at Wayne White and what it means to be an artist.

Toby C (ca) wrote: This movie was terrible, and yet they had the balls to make a second?!

Collin P (kr) wrote: Entertaining and thought provoking, Eternal Sunshine has the most relatable characters in a romance movie I've seen and one of the most creative ideas I've ever heard.

Corey W (ru) wrote: I've never been a fan of Andy Warhol or Bob Dylan, but this movie made me like them both a little bit more and the title character a lot less.