This Filthy World

This Filthy World

Jeff Garlin's documentary on the work of John Waters.

Jeff Garlin's documentary on the work of John Waters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marty W (ag) wrote: Total fizzle.I've never seen a plot die such a horrible death.Unless the writer just ran out of time, the film amounts to a sunday school lesson against rocking the boat."Be a wimp, kids."

Davin G (gb) wrote: An interesting movie with miraculous outcomes.

Chris C (au) wrote: The title of this movie defines the performances of the actors and the movie as a whole. An alrigh script and storyline, yet, very poorly acted and directed. Definitely NOT worth a watch!

Underrated Movie R (ru) wrote: This film has honestly left me speechless. Ruined my favorite movie! :(

Sirisha S (kr) wrote: I love their songs!!!!!!!

Merete N (ag) wrote: skal bra gjres lage en drligere film... Gratulerer

Scott M (it) wrote: Movie about American history from about 1955 to about 1985 and all that's significant that happens within that period. There's also a mentally stunted man played by Tom Hanks who is caught up in it along the way. I still enjoy it but not as much as I used to. Just too sentimental.

Rick N (us) wrote: I was really expecting a very funny movie w/Bill Murray. Something was definitely off with him in this production. Johanson the taxi driver was an exception to a dreay movie...Pass on this one!

Kurt A (nl) wrote: Every once in a while you watch a movie that reminds you why you watch bad movies in the first place. This is one of those movies. With the perfect blend of leotard hip thrusting and safety pin stab wound death sequences Aerobicide is one experience you're likely to never forget.I'll set it up for you. Rhonda has a workout place called ... Rhonda's Workout. People start dying there in bunches. Dim witted detective Morgan is on the case! After stumbling blindly from one victim to the next he finally pieces together who the killer is. But will he be able to stop their master plan? Nah.You know, I think the writer of Death Spa must've ripped this movie off. Think about it. Death Spa came out a year later in 1988 with a very similar premise. A health club killer. Don't believe me? What about this still? Look at what is spray painted on the window! Where Death Spa is about possession and technology, Aerobicide is about good old fashioned mindless slaying for the sheer sport of it. So I guess we now have the luxury of choosing which 80's health spa slasher movie we'd rather see. An odd parallax if I do say so myself.The killer in Aerobicide uses an oversize safety pin to stab their victims to death. What a great idea. I can guarantee you that is original to this movie. Before this I doubt that idea ever left the napkin storyboard stage. In Aerobicide however, the idea is fully "fleshed" out. So this guy named Chuck Dawson (played by Ted Prior) takes it upon himself to stop the madness. Right from the word go we see what a stand up guy he is. He punches a guy senseless and ditches his first day on the job at Rhonda's Workout to have sex. He mops well and does a decent job of hiding in bushes. He doesn't see the crime in breaking and entering as long as it for a good reason. He likes to punish the innocent harshly, in the face, based entirely on incomplete situational knowledge. Everything goes pretty well for Chuck until he rams his body into a muscle car and a man with a large pointy object. Other than that though, he totally had it covered. What a guy.So what makes this movie such a good time to watch? Everything. The mindless slaughtering of hordes of deservingly ham fisted youths is a good reason. Or you could always just watch it for the fantabulous aerobic workout dance numbers. Either way you win. I highly recommend getting together with your friends and popping this schlockfest into your "conveyance of video joy" device as soon as possible. You won't soon regret it.

Ben G (es) wrote: The slapstick is what makes this movie great. Mel Brooks has a gift for comedy.

Julie B (ag) wrote: "Abbott and Costello meets....." classic "Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man" is not Abbott and Costello's best but it still a Abbott and Costello movie. Bud and Lou are brand new detectives just graduating Detective school. They meet a Boxer accused of murder, who has taken a serum to make him invisible. Lou Costello is very funny in the ring fighting. this even if this not Abbott and Costello's very best. It is still a good Abbott and Costello movie.

Michael W (ag) wrote: Non-stop action. Such a ridiculous yet great movie. Statham had fun making this one!

Heather M (nl) wrote: The cast was amazing and very fun. I loved the romance and the women's crazy relationship.

AndrClaude L (jp) wrote: Fun and blood and cartoon-ish characters, what's not to like? I have to say I was a little freaked out, with De Niro's character turning out to what Donald Trump is becoming ... #politicalcomment

Alejandro C (mx) wrote: Simptica, aunque muy tpica y predecible

Anthony I (au) wrote: This movie had me, and totally lost me. You want to get bored to tears? Pop in this movie. If it sustained the constant, abstract, slightly disturbing tone of the first 30 minutes, all would be right. But then, nothing happens after that. I had to turn this off.