This Guy's in Love with U Mare!

This Guy's in Love with U Mare!

A man tries to keep his partner from straying by romancing the object of the man's affections himself.

This Guy's in Love with U, Mare! is about an unlikely love triangle. After Lester (Vice Ganda) catches his boyfriend (Luis Manzano) proposing marriage to Gemma (Toni Gonzaga)... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kenneth C (ag) wrote: A really nice film. About a really interesting couple

Sean G (au) wrote: Like an episode of the X-Files its great while one is curious about the mystery but falls apart when things are explained.

Ashton L (ca) wrote: Who would have thought a movie would come out about a literal rat who knows how to be a gourmet cook, let alone knowing it would be an amazing animated film. The designs of the characters is unique to this film and even though the concept is weird and simple, the interactions between the humans and their acceptance (or rejection) of rats in the kitchen is truly one that will captivate you more than you expect. This became one of my favorite animated films very fast and I applaud it for taking such a strange and silly idea and making a cohesive fun and relatable movie. Just as the movie states "anyone can be a cook" truly any movie can be a great film.

Anthony C (ag) wrote: HORRIBLE. This sci fi channel movie is a rape of the classic stephen king book. Its also a waste of both malcolm Mcdowell and Dennis Hopper. Filled with plotwholes,sucide worthy dialougue and terrible cgi. This film is almost 3 hours of pure garabge. Fuck sci fi channel and there shit movies

Keegan K (ag) wrote: Awesome movie. Crazy love story about a famous actress and an insignificant travel book store owner. That guy definitely had to work to get the girl! Pretty cool seeing what it's like to be a famous actress and what the press can do to you.

Jaime R (ru) wrote: A true work of art in erotica.

Jeff B (de) wrote: It's been more than 15 years since I saw this film so I figured I'd check this one out again. It's certainly not an amazing animated film with just so so animation, but man, it's really entertaining as most Roald Dahl stories. Some hilarious moments throughout, particularly every scene with the Queen (I think I prefer the bagpipes). Yeah, it drags at times (the dream catching sequence), but it brought back a lot of memories watching this, so I can forgive those scenes.

Jeff Z (de) wrote: Jean Harlow in "Double Whoopee" is breathtaking. In this I'm sorry but she often comes off as kinda dumpy. Certainly no siren that is going to steal Clark Gable away from the wonderful Myrna Loy. That's just one of the problems with this picture that relies so much on the charm of its leads. Fortunately Gable and Loy have charm to spare. Jimmy Stewart is wasted in a thankless role as Harlow's boyfriend. I thought for sure he was going to shoot her at one point, and frankly wouldn't have blamed him if he did. But no, the sap's still got it for her. Enjoyable despite its flaws.

Paul D (fr) wrote: I am not a big fan of Michael Mann to begin with, but this is just awful in every sense of the word. Quite possibly the most boring movie ever put to film! Not once did I care about what was going on. This movie just became background noise because it certainly could not hold my attention. Trust me...skip it!

Grant S (nl) wrote: Brilliant movie on a brilliant man.Charlie Chaplin is one of the greatest entertainers of all time, if not THE greatest. A visionary and pioneer in the art of motion pictures. Incredibly talented, he not only wrote, directed and starred in his movies, he also composed much of the scores.This movie details his rise to fame, his trials and tribulations as a star, his inspirations and artistic genius, his relationships and scandals.A superb telling of his life by Richard Attenborough. The movie is made, however, by Robert Downey Jr's excellent performance as Chaplin. A great reminder of his acting talent (especially now that he mostly does comic book action-hero roles. Easier money, I guess...).Great supporting cast: Kevin Kline as Douglas Fairbanks, Geraldine Chaplin (Chaplin's real-life daughter) playing Chaplin's mother (her real-life grandmother), Paul Rhys, John Thaw, Moira Kelly (in two roles), Anthony Hopkins, Dan Aykroyd, Marisa Tomei, Penelope Ann Miller, Diane Lane, James Woods and Milla Jovovich, plus David Duchovny in a minor role.A must-see, not just because it is a biopic on one of history's greatest geniuses, but also for Robert Downey Jr's performance.

John M (es) wrote: Pretty nifty story - don't know about the casting choices though.

Emmanuel V (ag) wrote: Londre, c'est dangereux, hein Guy ;)Certes, les scenarios de Guy Ritchy ont tendance a se ressembler, certes on y retrouve souvent la meme facon de monter le film en suivant plusieurs groupes de persos, certes, certes...Mais quand meme, faut bien avouer que des films aussi kiffant a regarder, on en mate pas tous les jours. Alors, pour la bande son, pour le jeu des acteurs, pour l'intelligence d'ecriture, pour la photo, pour la rea nickel et pour le kiff pris pendant toute la duree du bouzin, ca vaut largement le detour

Vtor M (ru) wrote: A Bela ... Belssima Diane, quem no trocaria de posio nem que fosse por poucos dias, depois... a vida continua ... repetitiva e igual ao que era antes... oh oh ohhhhh