This is the Song you Need

This is the Song you Need

A pizza delivery boy must balance the needs of his sick mother, his mentally retarded friend, and the comatose girl of his dreams.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
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A pizza delivery boy must balance the needs of his sick mother, his mentally retarded friend, and the comatose girl of his dreams. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anya S (it) wrote: Its scary that parents think that this is the only way to ensure that their child will eventually lead a successful life when they grow up.

Rafael J (ag) wrote: Very good and important documentary. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Larry Y (au) wrote: Okay comedy, but not one I'd watch again. It's no CLUELESS.

Brad S (it) wrote: I finally got around to seeing this Fellini's classic, and really enjoyed it. Fellini's use of colour is great, and it's a very human tale, also semi-autobiographical for Fellini. There's some fantastic cinematography, and plenty of humour. Any fan of classic cinema needs to check this film out!

Nicholas L (de) wrote: This is just your average musicals with a small story and small ambition. A few more songs would be appreciated. (a couple of big numbers from the original stage musical like My Time Of Day, are absent, appearing only as instrumentals in the background) It lacks a stunning scene that can put a stamp in the memory.

Glenn L (kr) wrote: It's big, exciting, sensationalistic; also technically strong. One of King Vidor's best films.

Patrick S (us) wrote: the last decent seagal movie..

Ethan B (au) wrote: If you want to witness James Van Der Beek attempt to don a Texan accent for 106 minutes, you may not get another chance. While fun, it has all the signs of a stereotypical late-'90s teen movie. It's cheesy, telegraphed, cliched, crude--yet meaningful. It follows a successful high school football team coached by Bud Kilmer (Jon Voight)--a man who basically runs the community. The small Texas town has already erected a bronze statue made in his likeness. The guy even controls the police to the point that his players can get away with stealing cop cars. That's how obsessed this community is with their high school football. It's all they have.Mox (Van Der Beek) doesn't see it that way. He's the 2nd string quarterback and has plans to go to Brown University and put the sport behind him. But as soon as he's forced into the starting role, he enjoys soaking up all the attention.Varsity Blues doesn't take too many risks--if any--but it has a lot to say. The script is deceptively good. It may be platitudinous in its dialogue and outcomes, but under the surface it makes some seldom-touched upon points.The football scenes are some of the more realistic we've seen in movies up to this point, and it organically showcases the importance of football in some small towns in this country. It then proceeds to question that very importance, along with the aggrandizing of athletics in our schools altogether.Subtly juxtaposing these ideals, we see Mox's little brother, who has an obsession with religions and practices a variety of them throughout the movie, much to his parent's disapproval.It isn't perfect, but Varsity Blues holds up well. Voight gives us a compelling villain to despise and the film more nuanced that meets the eye. It made me nostalgic and I was entertained.Twizard Rating: 83