This Kiss

This Kiss

What happens when best friends from childhood reconnect after a decade, only to discover that they barely recognise each other? Tempers fly, tears fall, closet doors swing open and skeletons fall out. In a long, boozy afternoon played out against a sun-drenched Australian landscape, the two friends reveal their imperfections, share laughter and finally confront an incident from the past that has haunted them both.

Two best friends struggle to resurrect their friendship by confronting the heartbreaking incident that tore them apart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy H (ca) wrote: The storyline wasn't too bad until you realized this movie is happening over a week, then you think this is really stupid. Dialogue was witty and interesting, otherwise, it was just an ok movie.

Jerry T (it) wrote: The simplicity of this cinematic poetry is just too beautiful to describe in words.

Brody M (ag) wrote: I only watched this movie cause it had Kurt Angle in it & it was BAD from start to finish

Justin O (it) wrote: One of David Spades worst flicks, this movie wasn't funny at any point.

Brian K (jp) wrote: A tough tale about redemption and strength during tough situations.

Declan S (au) wrote: 5 stars if you love the TV show Bottom this is the movie for you!

Ceda X (it) wrote: Everyone deserves to be a star in this doc, but in 1985 as a black queer person, there's something better: The Ball.

Mathias S (br) wrote: this is a great movie, and a must have for all beat fans.

Nicolas B (fr) wrote: I don't really like horror movies, but I like sci-fi so I gave it a go. It matched my low expectations. Predictable jump scares, average performances (but I liked Ben Foster), aliens that looked like the mutants from "I am Legend" and a conclusion that everyone saw coming.

Carlos G (us) wrote: Almost forget your watching a movie. Acting & story seems real and is strong. Top 10 list

SteL P (mx) wrote: A little weak on the script part, but still remains a good movie to watch.

Naomi G (fr) wrote: The very attractive Tom Cruise's teen-esque girlfriend, Katey Holmes - sounds like a porno actors name - reprises her Dawson Creek or Tree on the Hill or whatever role it was, long before my time, in a film that is part Dawson Creek, part Invasion of the Body Snatchers and part Woody Allen. Basically she's a stoner who hangs out with stoners and gets the new kid in town as a boyfriend. Meanwhile, Woody Allen's protege, a psychiatrist, is trying to give the kids a "quote unquote" helping hand. In the end she survives but not all of the other stoners do, but of course her new kid on the block boyfriend does too. The end.