This Revolution

This Revolution

Jake Cassevetes is a world renowned shooter just back from being embedded during the U.S. invasion of Iraq. As a well-paid stringer for the networks, Jake does not buy into the currently vogue, left-wing conspiracy theory of a corporate-controlled press. But, after discovering much of his best footage in Iraq was censored by the network, Jake is growing disillusioned with his corporate masters. When he gets an assignment to shoot on the streets of the Republican National Convention protests, he meets Seven, one of the young leaders of the masked anarchist Black Bloc. Jake quickly wins the trust of the group and is allowed to shadow them as they move through the demo. Later that night, after shooting Seven with her mask down describing the Bloc's militant objectives, the videotape is mistakenly returned to the network with the rest of his footage. When he goes to retrieve the tape, he is...

In this politically charged homage to Medium Cool, a photographer covers the urban guerrilla war on New York streets during the RNC. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee Anne W (it) wrote: What an amazing life! What a fun movie!

Peneflix M (us) wrote: This pivotal, personal portrait of one of the finest living artists should be viewed by anyone with a modicum of interest in art and the artistic process; it is stunning, illuminating, and positively thrilling.Gerhard Richter, born in 1932, Germany, has a multi-layered history revolving around the second world war, dissection of Berlin, living in a politically -charged environment; his work is autobiographical on many levels. His influences are vast, from iconic Joseph Beuys, John Cage, American documentary photography (especially of WWII); he is assiduously devoted to his own moral aesthetic; like Les Nabis, prophetic in his vision.Materials: cadmium, lemon yellow, black/white/gray tubes of paint, layered on squeegees up to six feet long; meticulously applied to canvasses; his empowered hand has a will of its own, oftentimes he is shocked with the results. Following his instincts, his masterpieces spring to life; addictive and subtractive techniques, dazzling the viewer.He is an extremely private person, a curmudgeon and highly uncomfortable being filmed while working; but warm and genuine with his dealer Marian Goodman, a partnership stretching from the eighties, their mutual bond, palpable.Truly enlightening is Richter's grasp and use of contemporary technology in his creative process; over eighty, his present works are informed by digitalization; there are no roadblocks or parameters capable of stunting his remarkable gift."Gerhard Richter Painting" glows and reminds one of Percy Bysshe Shelley's poem: "I am Ozymandius, King of Kings, look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair"; despairing at the ephemeral element of art, but exhilarated that Gerhard Richter has accomplished what few mortals have attempted.FOUR STARS!!!!For Now.....Peneflix

Lee M (gb) wrote: The film takes dramatic material that sounds fairly standard-issue to begin with and proceeds to uncover precious little of genuinely fresh intrigue within it.

Lee Anne R (jp) wrote: Its difficult to be different.. But its so boring to be ordinary...haha..I hate the mean and feeling perfect people:)) u know who you are!",)

Felix V (nl) wrote: This is one of the worst movies i ever saw. And i saw a lot, but this one leave my speechless! No acting, no tension, no plot and the most annoying soundtrack in the history of film. And on top of this you get the worst camera-work i ever saw. Man, this one makes me really angry!

Alan H (de) wrote: Bit slow, quite boring and proditable, only real good bit is when statham kicks crap out of ja rule, Very poor for a statham film! If you like all the MC and rapping music and how a young MC tried to make his name in that business then it would be a good film for you!

Tanner B (au) wrote: Enemy of the State (1998) C-134m. ??? D: Tony Scott. Will Smith, Gene Hackman, Jon Voight, Regina King, Barry Pepper, Jason Lee, Jason Robards. Defense lawyer against his will falls victim to nonstop NSA investigation after he accidentally gets a hold of key evidence to a corrupted politician's insidious murder crime. His life goes down the drain until he finally receives help from an unlikely source. Slick, crackling thriller with a particularly satisfying wrap-up.

Amit B (it) wrote: In how many ways can a movie go wrong? Many. Bad visual effects, bad storytelling and really cheesy lines and fake/emotionless scenes that try to emulate parts of great movies, such as Free Willy, E.T. and the Goonies. Somebody dropped the ball into the water on this one, and the magic too.

Michael C (it) wrote: Holy shit! This is exactly what I wanted cartoons to be like when I was little. I'm going to let my kids watch this at age six.

Robert B (it) wrote: The Chilling (Deland Nuse and Jack A. Sunseri, 1989)I will start off by saying that if the one-line synopsis Satanic cannibal zombies chasing Linda Blair through a cryogenics lab? doesn't immediately tell you you need to see this movie, and the sooner the better, then I don't know you, and I don't wanna know you. I mean, that's the single best elevator pitch EVER. I grant you that the execution is nowhere near as good as the pitch would have you believe, but come on, man, it's Satanic cannibal zombies chasing Linda Blair through a cryogenics lab!I actually don't even need to offer a plot synopsis, since (after thirty minutes of setup in which we are introduced to the characters in this movie that are actually alive"Blair, Dan Haggerty as a grizzled, pardon the pun, security guard, and Godfather II's Troy Donahue as the doctor who runs the operation are the three you need to know about) that sentence pretty much nails it. Which exposes the movie's main flaw immediately: there's really not much to it once you get to the possessed, rotting (why are they rotting? They were cryogenically preserved!), shambling guys, the filmmakers had another hour of celluloid to kill, which mostly consists of[shot of shambling zombies with glowing eyes (because they're possessed! BY THE DEVIL!)][cut to one of the characters looking horrified][cut to zombie close-up][cut to character(s) running away][repeat ad nauseam]still, you can't help but like Dan Haggerty in anything, and there's Linda Blair for the drool factor (okay, maybe it's just me, but I've had a crush on Linda Blair since I was six years old, SO SUE ME), and the zombie effects are so stupidly over-the-top that they have a charm all their own.Note, from personal experience: this movie is definitely better watched while you're sitting at your computer playing Doom. More zombies per minute! **

John M (jp) wrote: I FINALLY saw the movie, and though it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be, it's still even more worth watching than I thought it would be. I can't think of a movie with a more terrifying plot than this one. I also don't know a movie where I kept spotting more and more supporting actors and recognizing them from other films. Forrest Gump, Reservoir Dogs, Ghostbusters, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5, Revenge of the Creature, Terminator 1 & 2, Aliens...Anyway, I recommend seeing it at least once, but it probably could be bettered by a remake.

Anthony A (us) wrote: Started off great but then just slowly but surely went down the drain!

Dan F (jp) wrote: Lol! This movie is really funny. Linda Blair, roller skates, Venice Beach, 1979. Classic!

Jessica H (us) wrote: thrown together scriipt where Shirley Temple is the Gimmick.

Michael C (us) wrote: God I love this movie. Karloff's last time starring as the Monster, Basil Rathbone as Wolf von Frankenstein, Bela Lugosi as Igor, and Lionell Atwill as Krogh; what's not to love? All sorts of fun!!

Derek H (it) wrote: a brilliant movie. The concept of the movie is great, the characters are funny and overall, it's flawless.