This Special Friendship

This Special Friendship

A tale of the tender relationship between a twelve-year-old boy and the upperclassman who is the object of his desire. All set in the rigid atmosphere of a Jesuit-run school.

THIS SPECIAL FRIENDSHIP tells of the tender relationship between a twelve-year-old boy and the upperclassman who is the object of his desire. All set in the rigid atmosphere of a Jesuit run... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard Y (jp) wrote: Devoted more time to the human owners than the dog, especially on its first life and the owner, and the rest just slipped by before returning to its first life, thus making it a less emotional ride for the audience. Could have been more moving.

Joshua B (es) wrote: Predictable plot. You have to sell your soul to Satan to make it in Hollywood. If Manson made a movie, this would be it. Alex Essoe makes this film watchable- the camera loves her, although she could use a cheeseburger. She's model-thin.

Daniel R (gb) wrote: This movie can be pretty hard to understand, because it jumps between different plots and perspectives alot.But I thought it was really good !

Michelle C (br) wrote: 50% of the movie time was spent on elaborating the "background" - how they fall in love, their so-called long distance love (it's only a matter of Hokkaido and Tokyo), and finally, their stupid separation, and finally get back together and become happily ever after. In short, it's a very old-schooled love story. Very interesting is that the girl has to go to university to study Englsih and work abroad with good spoken English, but the high-school graduated "fisherman" (no-offend) can easily communicate with the coffer shop owner somewhere in Nova Scotia IN ENGLISH - why bother going to university - and especially it's talking about Waseda~!!! Sad to see Yakushimaru Horoko gets so old - she looks like a grandma rather than a mom. See Koizumi Kyoto in another movie recently, she is still so young~ God~ Time kills a woman~ Oh~ Perhaps the target audience are youngsters, the movie may be appealing to them, but not younger (when they don't know what love is) nor older (that they know love is not everything). It's a waste to have Hokkaido as the spot as they only focus on a small fish village - then why not other more inland and remote places to make the story more convincing? But anyways, it's OK to be a time-killer as "Sae" is preety, and "Kouhei" is handsome.

Brent C (jp) wrote: Not a bad little horror film. However, It lacks any real scares.

Jose Luis M (gb) wrote: Irreverente y previsible , no es el tipo de peliculas que me agraden , pero me enganch , a pesar de algunos chistes de mal gusto , me divert , para verla sin prejuicios.

Bridgette F (us) wrote: made you strong if you were ever huirt

Steven G (fr) wrote: This was a hilarious mockumentary. I could sit and be intrigued and amused by Herzog talking for hours. I was about to say it felt like a real-life Life Aquatic, but it was fake, but I think that's the appropriate response. Also, isn't it just awesome that Herzog worked with Zak Penn?

Anna L (mx) wrote: To sem graa...o tipo de filme que te faz pensar: 'esse povo estava precisando de dinheiro, e topando qualquer coisa...'

Marnie Z (ca) wrote: I should have known better than to rent a movie with Jason Priestly...aside from him this movie was weird and creepy which I don't have a problem with if it's interesting - this was not.

Fredrik S (es) wrote: Beautiful photo and strange story. Still one of the more lucid of Greenaway's films when it comes to the narrative. The combination of words and images here goes to the extreme as naked body after naked body is filled with Japanese text. Sadly the story does not live up to the great idea and the end result is intellectually stimulating, but not engaging. A description that fits many of Greenaway's films.

Gabriel R (br) wrote: Could have saved an hour if they cut out all the staring at each other to increase the tension otherwise its a great movie.

Risya H (us) wrote: Rita Hayworth dazzled in this film. Certainly one of her most memorable film roles to note. However for the film itself, I thought the story line is a bit ludicrous. Also, it kind of drags a little over halfway through although it would later sort of paid off by the end of the film.