This Time

This Time

An unflinching look at a music industry that exists far from the overnight sensations of television's "American Idol" and "The X Factor," THIS TIME follows six diverse recording artists on ...

An unflinching look at a music industry that exists far from the overnight sensations of television's "American Idol" and "The X Factor," THIS TIME follows six diverse recording artists on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jorge L (ca) wrote: This Science fiction gave weight to the real question that others sci-fi movies took for granted! "Are we alone in the universe?"

Phil D (nl) wrote: Fun Little Movie : )

Sarabeth R (nl) wrote: I own this.... I'll watch it someday.

Lesley N (kr) wrote: Giggly girly teen film with two Japanese pop stars leads... ugh. More fool me. This took me completely by surprise. Witty quirky funny imaginative smile on the face from the very first minute. It does go a bit girl power in the last ten minutes but that's completely forgiven set against the charms of the previous ninety. Top entertainment, brilliant. .

Stephen E (gb) wrote: Funny Stuff. kind of geeky but solid performances by some pretty good actors!

Alup S (es) wrote: This is a life-lesson with a twist kinda story - well plotted, great character contrast...and not for the average Hollywood movie buff. More the Dendy, SBS, Palace kind of audience. Very classy! But then, that's Robert Forster. Understated and brilliant at the same time.

Adam R (mx) wrote: I was curious to see this after going on Mission: SPACE at Walt Disney World, but Mission To Mars is sadly not a very good movie. It's not bad visually, but almost everything else fails. The poor acting is annoying and makes it a hard movie to watch. (First and only viewing - 7/24/2014)

Brendan B (gb) wrote: The best movie I've ever seen in my life

Timothy M (us) wrote: Overlong and plodding for the most part. I don't buy the love story between Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills for a second. Something about them just doesn't work at all. It's sporadically funny, but a fairly thin premise overall. Still, one member of the cast manages to rise above the pack and make the endeavour worthwhile - Clive Revill. He steals every single scene he's in. I've seen (and heard) him in a few things before, and he's never really stood out to me, but Wilder really gave him a plum role here.

Curtis R (it) wrote: The people in this movie are fucking stupid and have zero IQ...get off the fucking drugs. She has fantastic breasts though.

Mau R (it) wrote: Enjoyed better by males than by females, Marty Mcfly embodies the average teenager with its common ilusions: cars, rock, science, girlfirend, skateboard. Multifaceted, original, well produced, will be fully entertained for the whole family.

Ian C (nl) wrote: A quiet hard working farmer and Vietnam-Vet is forced into defending himself and his business against a mob hitman and his associates. If anybody doubts that Brosnan is hardest man in the history of cinema, then they need to see this.

Michael M (de) wrote: I loved this movie. Loved , loved, LOVED it. It combines a lot of the ingredients I like in a movie. Road trip, life altering journey, adult/child relationship, even the depression era setting I really like when it's done well, and here it's done really well. It actually feels like a film from the time its set (except for some of the more risque content), despite being released decades later.The two lead performances are absolutely perfect, and they have a great chemistry with each other (no surprise seeing as they are real life father and daughter) that was a joy to watch. When they argue, it's awkwardly funny; when they have moments of dramatic tenderness, it's heartwarming.The black and white perfectly captures the mood, and the film just looks gorgeous. It's funny, heart-warming, dramatic, and thematically powerful. The deliberate pace will turn some people off, but I thought it worked very well. All around, it's just a perfect movie.

Tom H (it) wrote: Not bad for a modern Snipes film.