This Way of Life

This Way of Life

A lionhearted father struggles valiantly to create a life of idyllic simplicity for his family.

A lionhearted father struggles valiantly to create a life of idyllic simplicity for his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mique W (us) wrote: Behold: The alien family. I saw right through this dull, meaningless fetishistic predictable film after just a few minutes. It's like an art school project dedicated to nothing but an empty story and empty footage.

Samir S (gb) wrote: A Beautiful Movie...

Jonny H (jp) wrote: Christmas? Alone? Bored? Nothing to do? Well, this is the way to go.After watching this, you'd feel like you wasted your time on Christmas, wishing you never did, but had nothing else better to do anyway. Kiddy plots, lame jokes, wow.

Andromeda Y (kr) wrote: An optimistic film, with a lot of faith in one's ability to connect with people and make a difference in your own or other people's lives. Full of humorous moments and insight into human feelings, cliche yet so real. Fine acting and directing. A delight to watch.

Erin S (au) wrote: Why are the reviews so horrible? This is a great film! It's better than all of the high school trash made today.

Kevon A (br) wrote: Hrithik's performance is this movie was stunning as usual but Priyanka seems like this is her first time ever acting, was expecting better. The action sets new standards in Hindi cinema but it passes because of leather suits and masks.

Alexander C (us) wrote: For now not to bothered for this...uninterested...

Joseph S (ca) wrote: Good production value, but too much unnecessary stuff. The story gets bogged down with the nonsense.

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