Thodisi Bewafaii

Thodisi Bewafaii

Arvind Kumar Choudhary is widowed, respectable and wealthy businessman, who lives with his only son, Arun, in a palatial house. He re-marries another woman, Sujata, who is a widow, with two daughters, Veena and Seema. Arun does not respect her and refuses to even speak with her. Arun meets Neema Deshmukh and both of fall in love. With approval of their respective families they get married. Then things start to slide financially for the Choudharys when Arun accidentally breaks a valuable diamond while daydreaming about Neema; the Choudharys lose all their savings, building, vehicles and property, move to a shanty apartment, and Arvind passes away.

Arvind Kumar Choudhary is widowed, respectable and wealthy businessman, who lives with his only son, Arun, in a palatial house. He re-marries another woman, Sujata, who is a widow, with two... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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david t (es) wrote: i would like to see this one...

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Matt H (mx) wrote: I really need to avoid describing this as "Capraesque," I've already compared too many movies to Capra lately. I guess I should just say the movie is full of sentiment. Some of the backstories/monologues to some of the characters go on too long, but I really liked mostly everything dealing with the doctors. The movie really drew me in, great character piece.

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