Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue

Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue

The engines are hard at work to build the new Sodor Search and Rescue Center. When Thomas helps a friend in need, he is rewarded with an exciting trip to the Mainland. Along the way, he gets lost at sea and finds himself on the mysterious Misty Island, where he meets new friends Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand. Together they try to help Thomas find his way home. Will Sir Topham Hatt's search party ever find Thomas? Find out in in this action-packed movie adventure the whole family will enjoy!!

Sir Topham Hatt launches a search party to bring Thomas home. But will they find him? Find out in Misty Island Rescue, the movie! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jean Austin R (nl) wrote: Funny and very Filipino

Jim F (it) wrote: Again, Mark Wahlberg excells in this movie. I love this actor when he plays 'angry'

Mark N (ag) wrote: Too simple a plot to be an Eastwood classic and the messy convoluted resolution feels like desperation to make it appear more clever than it actually is.However any Eastwood fan will find something to enjoy as he explores that older lawmaker character many of his recent movies have done to a better level.

Mubbasir K (it) wrote: This was an excellent movie. I truly appreciate Vidhu Vinod Chopras style of film making.

Marcus W (ru) wrote: Unusual for an anime to be so dull and morose. Such a shame.

Donovan S (nl) wrote: I never gave this film a chance. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I think T (C)a Leoni can't act her way out of a wet paper bag, or maybe because Elijah wasn't a big name back then... I can't really make give a definite justification, but after 14 years, I gave it a shot. "Deep Impact" makes a bigger impact than it's paternal twin, "Armageddon".

Adam F (de) wrote: Even if all of the explosions, action and martial arts sequences had been done well, they would be hopelessly drowning in one of the most blatant and over-the-top environmental message you will have ever seen. "On Deadly Ground" is a preachy mess of a film. The antagonists are one second away from growing curly mustaches and twirling them while clubbing baby seals and the protagonist is kind of a bully that prefers solving his problems with violence rather than common sense. There are also plenty of ridiculous over-the-top sequences that feel completely out of place with the pro-environment message that it's trying to shove down the audience's throat. There's ham-fisted and then there's "On Deadly Ground" who take the ham off of your plate, shows you the pig's family before it was slaughtered, beat you to death with it the chunk of meat, tosses your ravaged body out of the window and onto on gas-guzzler that explodes due to the impact and reduces the nearby winter coat store to a pile of cinders. (On VHS, January 2012)

Leon B (br) wrote: Review:This is your typical Woody Allen movie which deals with troubled relationships and finding love, but he cleverly added an intense love affair which makes the movie interesting. The whole murder plot was put together great and all of the characters put in a great performance. It isn't a whodunit, like Manhattan Murder Mystery, but it shows how a simple affair can turn horribly wrong. Woody Allen didn't have to include the love affair between him and Mia Farrow, but it does lighten the movie, even though it doesn't end to well for his character. It does feel like two completely different movies in one, which is why the title fits the film perfectly. Watchable!Round-Up:Martin Landau was brilliant in this film. He brought intensity and emotion to his role which made the whole situation between him and Huston believable. Alan Ada and Mia Farrow act the same in all of Woody Allen's movies so there performances wasn't that surprising, and I much preferred the toned down version of Woody Allen's acting which made the film bearable. Anyway, this is a watchable movie which shows that Woody Allen can write and direct other genres except for comedy.Budget: $19millionWorldwide Gross: $18.2millionI recommend this movie to people who are into there Woody Allen movies about a man who tries to break an affair and a struggling director who falls in love with a co-worker. 6/10

Kathleen K (de) wrote: Fun to see this again. Quirky silliness.

Ed C (ru) wrote: One line summary: Failure in the writing; most of the thrill was gone.------------------------- Rich and entitled JP mistakes one of the pillars of souls (which includes a puzzle cube) as a work of art, and purchases it. Clever lad. Joey is a junior reporter who is discouraged that she is not getting good stories to cover. Then she witnesses a man being destroyed by what looks like a cenobite attack. So who would believe her? Her only clue is Terri, who might be one of JP's girl friends. Terri kept the cube that the dead man broke out of the pillar of souls that JP bought. JP gets bit by a rat hiding in the hold in the pillar of souls. His blood is absorbed by the Pinhead part of the sculpture. Terri welcomes Joey's interest in the case, and helps her dig into the artworld and nightlife that JP inhabits. They find a connection to the Channard institute from the second film. While JP entertains a new girl he's picked up, Pinhead shows signs of waking up. The next morning, Pinhead absorbs the girlfriend into the pillar of souls, and Pinhead becomes able to talk to JP about their mutual interests. JP is repelled and quite curious at the same time. He tries to lure Terri back to get further along in the game with Pinhead. She decides to return to the familiar, in spite of everything. JP tries to feed her to Pinhead, but Terri turns the tables on him. Pinhead's human side contacts Joey via television (hokey moment there) asking for help. How does Terri do against the resurrected cenobite Pinhead? Will Joey get any traction helping the human side of Pinhead? Will the open doorway for the cenobites be closed again?-----Scores------- Cinematography: 5/10 Netflix, oi. Netflix streamed this film in 1.33 aspect, despite the fact that the film was shot in 1.85. This means visual information was literally cut off. Sound: 8/10 Music was composed for the film by Randy Miller, plus music from a number of rock acts was included. Some of the club scene 'live' music was pretty good. Acting: 4/10 I liked Terry Farrell as Jadzia Dax in Star Trek: DS9, but not so much here. To make it worse, the movie made a poor attempt to convert the actress into being a blonde. Doug Bradley was fine as usual. Paula Marshall I could have done without. Kevin Bernhardt showed all the talent of a bad high school actor. Screenplay: 2/10 The character Terri could knock out JP with one short jab? Give me a break. There's a whole lot less here in terms of story and motivation than in the first two. The feeling of suspense, menace, and what-happens-next was considerably less. The carnage at the club was less affecting than the more personal horrors in the first and second films. SFX: 3/10 Very little special here. Explosions for the sake of explosions is just the opposite of convincing. Some of the special FX were just stop action with very few stops.