Thomas & Friends: Tale of the Brave

Thomas & Friends: Tale of the Brave

Thomas is working at the Clay Pits when a storm closes in and the rain makes the clay cliffs unstable. A flash of lightning reveals what looks like giant footprints on the slope above, but a landslide has begun and Thomas cannot stay to investigate. Bill and Ben push Thomas to safety just in time. Unable to go back and confirm what he saw, Thomas tells Percy about it, but Percy quickly becomes convinced that there is a monster on the island. He even becomes frightened of taking the mail train at night. When an unusual engine with sloping boilers first appears, Percy thinks he must be the monster. James teases Percy and tries to scare him even more, but the new engine, who is called Gator, proves to be a good friend and ally, who helps Percy discover what it really means to be brave.

With the help of his new friend Gator, Percy learns all about being brave as Thomas spots some suspicious giant footprints at the Sodor Clay Pits. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom B (gb) wrote: This takes you another time and a place you can't see outside of the film.....

Eric P (mx) wrote: Sam Shepard gives a stellar go here an Old Butch Cassidy but other that that much of this Western is slow paced and much of the same old same old

Inga H (it) wrote: Cusack makes this average movie good. It's slow paced and you know exactly where it's going from scene one but it's great to watch in play out.

William B (gb) wrote: I watched this on Netflix streaming, and I have to express my great appreciation for Netflix here for enabling me to view a Finnish movie and moreover one that combines Finnish myth and Chinese martial arts. While not a great movie, I thought it was entertaining and, considering its tiny budget, three and a half million dollars, a rather amazing one with a decent story and good acting. If, like me, you're a fan of martial arts movies, believe a country's cinema reflects its popular psyche and are curious about the worldviews of others, you might want to give this one a viewing.

Chris B (nl) wrote: The biggest disappointment of this film is that having waited so long for a sequel to the franchise this was the result. It feels when you are watching this that the main tenements are present but it never fully reaches the heights of the first. I felt that the opening sequence was probably the best part of the film and the most Indiana Jones-esque part of the movie. Up until the fridge part! Shia LeBeouf gets a lot of flak for this film but again I don't necessarily feel it is his fault, he is filling a minor role (like other previous side-characters) and does this well. Lastly the film feels too complicated compared to previous instalments so following along becomes a chore rather than a joy. Hopefully Indy 5 will learn from mistakes made here.

Alex K (es) wrote: Tom Cruise Is One Of My Favorite Film Actors.

Michael K (gb) wrote: classic childhood fantasy.

Kayleigh F (fr) wrote: Steve Buscemi is good in anything and I really like this one.

Brian F (au) wrote: Ok, kind of came and went. Very thoughtful and unique ending.

Loa A (de) wrote: Not a comedy despite the cast. Character arc is erratic and wobbly at best. Poor depiction of a brother and sister reconciling for all the wrong reasons, polluted with a earthy but flaky love interest that doesn't really make sense and best friend who flip-flops from noncommittal to upset about being noncommittal... I'm a fan of character-driven scripts but this one full of moody outbursts that don't seem to go anywhere. Hard to watch.

Jerem M (br) wrote: A train wreck of a movie with one very charming montage wedged in.

Nandan T (ru) wrote: The first part is setting up the story, a very good one & introduction to our characters. Jennifer Lawrence's acting is above average.