Thomas & Friends: The Great Discovery - The Movie

Thomas & Friends: The Great Discovery - The Movie

Thomas rediscovers the lost town of Great Waterton and becomes jealous of a new tank engine called Stanley.

  • Category:Family
  • Stars:Pierce Brosnan
  • Uploader:MongDu
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Steve Asquith
  • Writer:Sharon Miller, Rev. W. Awdry (railway series), Britt Allcroft (creator)

Thomas the Tank Engine rediscovers the lost railway town of Great Waterton. A new engine named Stanley is brought to help restore the town, but Thomas becomes jealous when Stanley wins over his friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tevi S (au) wrote: A remarkable teenage drama with a brilliant acting from almost all of the casts, especially Mark Chao and Yang Zi Shan, but the most credit should be given to Vicky Zhao who prove that her first directional 135 minutes movie debut was worth every seconds of it..

Rosita (mx) wrote: I actually liked it a lot it's quite twisted but it's still awesome

Julia C (de) wrote: Before The Perfect Storm and Deadliest Catch there was CABIN BOY. This is exactly what you'd expect from a film starring Chris Elliott and produced by Tim Burton - AWESOME. In case you wanna make it happen for you, I saw Chris Elliott's entire wardrobe in the window of Urban Outfitters today.

Jack D (nl) wrote: Probably some of the best pre-90's battle scenes in cinema

Walter M (jp) wrote: In "Le Deuxieme Souffle," Inspector Blot(Paul Meurisse) is in disbelief that nobody claims to have seen anything at a shooting at a Paris restaurant that left one dead. Truth be told, they did and they also know that it involved a conflict centered around the cigarette racket. Afterwards, Manouche(Christine Fabrega) is escorted home by her bodyguard Alban(Michel Constantin) but they are ambushed by a couple of thugs, seeking to cash in. Things might have turned out worse had her brother Gu(Lino Ventura) not chosen that moment to return to Paris after having escaped from prison. Manouche wants to hide him but he wants to leave the country instead and needs money to do so. "Le Deuxieme Souffle" is a stylish and moody crime drama that starts with an astouding and wordless opening five minutes. After that the movie slows down and does suffer from a couple of contrivances concerning Gu's movements.(It's always possible that he heard rumors around prison concerning the attack on the restaurant and the platinum robbery and chose that moment to escape but it is not very likely.) This is still a complex movie set in an underworld where life is cheap and honor is the only true thing of value. What is important is who you can trust in such circumstances.

William C (de) wrote: Grade:High 7/10Beginners is a witty and sweet RomCom and Drama piece that earnedChristopher Plummer an Oscar and was very interesting to watch indeedalso. I felt it was solidly a good film and possibly even higher, butthat is for you to see but I will review It here and explain why I feltit was a good Romance like film.The story is as funny as it is moving and each character can be bothemotions just like that. The story is lovely and as I said witty with aspecial feeling encompassing the entire piece and a very sad vein thatruns right through until the end of the movie, you will see what I meanwhen you have finished watching the film. Finally I felt as a straightRomance it is one of the best around and doesn't get soppy or cheesyreally at any point, it is just an indie film through and through.Plummer who won the Oscar in all aspects in the best display of actinghere and was fully deserving, his funny act coupled with his revelationthat he is homosexual make for a funny man and one that shows just howloving a dying man can be(no spoilers here, it is in the synopsis).Ewan McGregor in the lead role isn't far behind and his loving flingwith Melanie Laurent is beautifully crafted together and one of thesweetest duo's I have ever seen. There isn't a massive cast either andso the big three stand out even more and you feel for them 100%.I loved the script as it was humorous and also dramatic and the way thewriter(Mike Mills, who also directs it)does it all is just so dynamicand as Ii said before, manages to craft together McGregor and Laurentperfectly. I loved the soundtrack running with it too as it showed youit wasn't just an indie film but also a sweet filled film with thesoundtrack conveying emotion even more than what is already being done.When criticism come's well I guess it is kind of slow and the film canbe confusing as you will see when it show's parts of McGregor's pastand then his present but you can get confused which one he is in. Notmuch else to say other than it is as I say slow but it doesn't hurt thefilm much at all, if anything not at all.Would recommend for those who like there RomCom's and especially if thelike Indie films with a less mainstream feel to it. I know for a factsome will find it boring as they probably don't like Romance's which isfair but even if you don't give it a go and see how you feel about it,it may just surprise you and make you realise that Romance's andRomCom's alike are not as bad you thought they were.Overall I give it a high 7/10 and felt it was quite nearly moving even furtherup but stayed at being solidly a good film. Go watch it and you mayjust love it, what I did feel is that some people will see this andeither get really loved up and want McGregor's kind of love, and thatsome would get sad at not having that love already, but in any casejust watch it and see what you think, couldn't recommend it enough.

Marisa P (ag) wrote: We loved it! Great cast, funny, unpredictable. After seeing this movie I believe that it has low ratings because some evangelicals find it threatening.

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Thomas & Friends: The Great Discovery - The Movie torrent

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