Thompson's Last Run

Thompson's Last Run

A hardened con (Robert Mitchum) being transferred from a federal penitentiary to a Texas institution to finish a life sentence as a habitual criminal is freed at gunpoint by his niece (Kathleen York). The cop (Wilford Brimley), who was transferring him and has been the con's adversary for over 30 years, vows to catch the twosome.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escaped prisoner,  

A hardened con (Robert Mitchum) being transferred from a federal penitentiary to a Texas institution to finish a life sentence as a habitual criminal is freed at gunpoint by his niece (... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil W (it) wrote: Did I miss something important ? I think I must have seen a different film to the one reviewed here. Not even worth 1 star!

Ri A (it) wrote: Ignore the similarity between "The Hurt Locker" & JTHJ, ignore the expensive designer clothes of an immigrant "SRK" who juggles multiple jobs in UK, plus I don't give a damn' if the reader of this review doesn't like him. SRK is truly king of romance, and in this movie, he has shown clearly that nobody can compete him, Although SRK has been an integral part of several romantic movies, he enacts it resplendently in JTHJ, brushing off any condemnation that he may have encountered for replicating himself in movies of parallel genre. JTHJ is an attention grabbing from inception till conclusion. The drama only soars higher and the complex love story gets more and more gripping as the conflict between the characters come to the fore. Mind you, JTHJ is not a typical love triangle, with two women fighting for the same guy. JTHJ is a love saga by late Yash Chopra & SRK.

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Gavin P (ca) wrote: An interesting little indie film with some big-name actors - Will Farrell, Zooey Deschanel & Ed Harris - set mostly in Michigan (during winter, obviously) and New York City. There's a shocking scene near the start where you're like "why's she doing that?!", but then the rest of the movie unravels why/who the characters are and their back story. Some truly weird relationships and situations, but it's all quite touching - and Zooey's awesome and likeable as the lead, as usual.

Andrs Z (us) wrote: Absofuckinglutely genius. Mind-blowing.

Yeshua P (gb) wrote: same cover design as gone in 60 seconds

Carlos M (de) wrote: An entertaining movie about the importance of not accepting defeat when in face of the toughest obstacles and how we should do everything in our power to succeed, with faith and courage - and it even finds space to discuss matters like prejudice along the way.

visitorQ S (ag) wrote: Very good german movie. 3,5/5

Giorgos T (nl) wrote: Despite its naivety, it is a good film with Shirley MacLaine offering an amusing performance.

M D (nl) wrote: Chances are you're going to be a Bunuel aficionado if you see this. I can't say that I am but i relatively enjoyed it. Lacked a bit of the surrealist touch that we come to expect and hope for but remains important in the context of his films in Mexico.

Thomas P (mx) wrote: Evil, poetic, and and all-round mediated watch.

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Colin S (es) wrote: A compelling idea from realistic fears, but this production is hampered by a few flaws - the stakes do not seem high enough (it'd be better to hear that a In-Valid guilty of fraud faces very serious consequences, as it is it seems that Hawke may be fired and serve some gaol time); Hawke's reward is... what, a holiday?; Law's ultimate end seems to come from nowhere; Dean's insertion into the plot is a little contrived; some of the cinematography seems amateurish or dated. All in all it's a solid tale, but as it stands it is not a very thrilling thriller.

Kristina Z (jp) wrote: I love Dane Cook, so I think I'll have to see it.