Thorne: Scaredycat

Thorne: Scaredycat

D.I. Tom Thorne's latest case puts him on the hunt for not one, but two serial killers, who seem to be working together, yet killing separately.

Two women have been murdered within hours of one another near St. Pancras station, but in quite different ways. DI Tom Thorne (David Morrissey) finds himself on the hunt for the two serial killers who appear to be working together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francisco L (br) wrote: There are a lot of suspenseful movies in cinema's industry, and this isn't one of that movies. This is just a not original and predictable movie that has a lot of cliches and which end so bad that we will ask ourselves for our how was our sanity when we choose watch this horrible, poorly acted and with a bad screenplay movie.

Ole J (ca) wrote: At first I thought this had something to do with the movie, you know Angels and Demons with Tom Hanks etc. authored by Dan Brown.Well it didn't, I do believe that there could be something more, I haven't experienced and is more keen on Darwin and maybe even The Matrix, then the concept of spirits and demons.

MeLany C (it) wrote: Twisted. I liked it. I loved it. It reminds me of the living dead dolls that i really want.

Jenn T (ag) wrote: I enjoyed the acting in this film. Heart warming.

Sebastien H (au) wrote: Si on n'a pas "peur" de vieillir.Andr Dussollier est irrprochable dans un univers entre enquete et folie.

Birte Valkyrje R (ca) wrote: Painfully beautiful.

Hugo S (ru) wrote: CONGORAMA (2006) directed by Philippe Falardeau starring Olivier Gourmet, Paul Ahmarani, Gabriel ArcandCongorama shows what French-Canadian films are all about. Not only does Philippe Falardeau borrow the Dardenne brothers's favorite actor - Olivier Gourmet - but he also uses their style and as surprising as it might be it works perfectly well even for a dramedy.Congorama is clever from beginning to end and it touches many themes. Its about family, grief, finding the truth, etc ... Every single character is perfectly drawn with psychology that evolves permanently but a psychology that is always credible. Those characters are real, you get to understand them perfectly and the mains actors are simply great, especially Oliver Gourmet.Congorama is about a guy who discovers he was illegally adopted and his journey to find his parents but never really does cause the film takes another turns and it makes very much sense.This film is also about history in some way and it carries some subtle messages about environment and politics which make this film more valuable. Great editing, great camera work, excellent screenplay, definately a different culture if you arent Qubcois.

Poul F (ca) wrote: If your into the mystery surrounding Kobains death then Last Days is a very excellent examination of what his "last days" might of been like.

Brandon M (mx) wrote: I saw this movie for Jason Statham. I would not recommend the same for anyone else. Terrible acting, sub-par plot, and no emotion. What could go...right? Look away from this travesty.

Adam W (au) wrote: Very good "old" flick - Richard Pryor in a serious role - Harvey Keitel ... classic tale of dealing with "the man"

Jordan H (de) wrote: I know. I know. But I love it. Revenge. Elmore Leonard story. Burt Lancaster shooting the hell out of things. What more can one ask for?

Muffin M (au) wrote: I own this in a six movie pack along with: * A Bridge Too Far (1977)* The Train (1964)* 633 Squadron (1964)* The McKenzie Break (1970)* The Devil's Brigade (1968)

John B (it) wrote: One of the very best cold war movies made!