Those Who Walk in Darkness

Those Who Walk in Darkness

Hip-hop star Lil' Kim voices main character Soledad in this urban anime action film, about a police officer living in futuristic Los Angeles -- a place that is now home to citizens with incredible genetic structures. With these super genes, the people of the city now have powers that make them shockingly superior to all other human beings. It's up to Soledad to join a special task force to take on the mighty creatures.

  • Category:Sci-Fi
  • Stars:Lil' Kim
  • Uploader:Chich1Phat
  • Country:USA
  • Director:N/A
  • Writer:John Ridley

In a futuristic America the overbearing number of superhumans leads to them being banned, arrested and exiled. Some come back so a special law enforcement unit is assigned to brutally hunt them down. The story follows a member of LA unit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Those Who Walk in Darkness torrent reviews

Devin E (ca) wrote: Very inspiring despite keeping me on edge with curiosity. What a testimony of God and His love for His children.

Laurent M (gb) wrote: Trs classique mais aussi trs sympa :)

Marta R (br) wrote: Realistic film on hard topic...

Erin C (ca) wrote: Super cheesy, but it had some nice moments.

johnson n (ca) wrote: To be honest the first time me and my friends read the title "dorm" we thought it was going to be a scary movie. As we watched we questioned, but at the end it was darn a** good. This is an amazing film and being able to watch a young boy gain a friend even if he is a spirit and being able to help him live on is truely remarkable and heartwarming.

Namit B (ca) wrote: Terrible. Bad within the first 15 mins

Brendan O (ca) wrote: Very standard Full Moon schlock with a pre-big break Jackie Earle Haley and the dad from Near Dark just tearing it up.

Ai S (nl) wrote: This is an excellent movie it's a travesty A TRAVESTY that the critics haven not liken this movie to the extent it should be. Maverick OOooeeeeee is he juicy. He is just spicy ohlalaaaaaaa. The plot impeccable IMFUCKINGPECCABLE. That volleyball seen is without the best part of the movie fight me. The only problem is that there is no penile penetration but other than that flawless movie.

Abigail D (de) wrote: I might have seen this--can't quite remember because I know I saw another movie with this plot starring Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher.

Christopher B (de) wrote: Quintessential tearjerking drama: the human condition is exposed.

Dylan M (au) wrote: Open Season had good animation but does not please my inner family type movie needs. Its not completely bad but it doesnt have necessarily a wow factor to make me like these types of movies.