Corey and his band of skater buddies sometimes make mischief, but they're more interested in girls and having fun on their boards than in getting into any real trouble. Notorious enemy crew the Daggers, led by Tommy Hook, get their kicks terrorizing the locals at Venice Beach. When Corey starts dating Tommy's kid sister Chrissy, the Daggers are furious. The boys then take their beef to the "L.A. Massacre," a deadly skate race down a canyon road.

Corey and his band of skater buddies sometimes make mischief, but they're more interested in girls and having fun on their boards than in getting into any real trouble. One day, his and another gang battle each other for supremacy, and Corey falls in love with the sister of his rival. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Panta O (it) wrote: Last week I saw this movie in the cinema in Suzhou... and I have to say - it was a disappointing experience. The film, which was formerly titled LADY GENERALS OF THE YANG FAMILY, is based on a famous Chinese opera set in the Song Dynasty. When the men of the Yang Clan were massacred in battle, the women, from elderly grandmother to little sisters, put on armour and led the army to victory. The opera has been adapted many times before, most notably in 1972, when Cheng Kang, father of action director Ching Siu-tung, made 14 AMAZONS for Shaw Brothers, with Lily Ho and Ivy Ling Po in starring roles. By the way, Ronnie Yu is prepping another version of the story which will feature Michelle Yeoh, Gong Li, and Zhang Ziyi. Rumour has it that Sammo Hung may be doing yet another version, but details are scarce on that one... Chinese just love those legends! This movie has everything you need in a wushu legend movie... on a list! But when you put all that together you get uninspiring piece of generalized art which fails to excite or brings satisfaction. I think the director played it too safe!

Raymond C (br) wrote: Now I know WHY this Blu-ray was on sale brand new for $5.00!

Jose M (it) wrote: Chromeskull- Laid to Rest 2 is a lot better and stronger film than the preious lackluster ultra-gore film. The film is great improved in all departments from the originality, writing, brains, characters, acting, and I could go on, but I must mention the brains do not go far. There is one incredible stupefying scene where four cops are slaughtered when they have their guns out and try to arrest the chrome skull killer. I have to argue and be a little impoliticly correct and say if the killer or person was an African-American teenager, they would have shot him on the spot! Anyways, Laid to Rest 2 picks up where the messy first one left off. As the Chrome Skull killer is left for dead to the cops, he is rescued by secret company heady by Preston (Brian Austin Green) and his assistant Spann (Danielle Harris). Chrome Skull is rebuilt and continues his nonsense by murdering the unnamed girl from previous, should have done it in the first one. Meanwhile, survivor Tommy is taken into question by incompetent police who leads to a series of stupidity and death. It becomes a race against time as the police try find and stop the killer. The film pretty much clunker afterwards and becomes annoying with the cast and the idea of crying women onscreen. The new actress here is pretty alright for a genre that does not require decent acting. The film is only entertaining when we see Preston (Green) go insane and think he is the real killer. Other than that, the film is headache inducer. Special effects are decent and Laid to Rest is at its peak and should be put to rest once and for all.

Baba A (jp) wrote: now, film industry has no more name to suggest.

Daniel D (it) wrote: Jovem garoto acredita que ir morrer por um cancer e resolve fazer algo inesquecvel para ser lembrado aps sua morte... aps tentar entrar no guiness fazendo bonecos de neve o mesmo quase morre ao cair no gelo e depois percebe qual o verdadeiro sentido da vida.

Ken T (au) wrote: Loved this series of movies...Walken kinda' makes a weird Gabriel, but hey it worked"

JC T (us) wrote: Great movie overall, although it had an abrupt ending. Stewart was great!

John A (ag) wrote: Cooties is a fresh take on a dying genre. It is refreshing to see a good horror-comedy with zombies, even if it still might not be up there with Zombieland and Shaun of The Dead. However, despite it being good, I found that the horror and comedy elements of the film were unbalanced. More scenes than not, I found more frightening and serious than comical. But, Cooties is still a fun, well written, well acted and extremely well shot movie, with some chuckles and a standard amount of gore.