Thread Of Lies

Thread Of Lies

A seemingly happy family gets rocked by the suicide of the 14-year-old daughter.

"Thread of Lies" deals with the aftereffects of amiddle schooler Cheon-ji. The story follows the widowed mother, older sister and others who knew the young girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MF J (au) wrote: This original film is a piece of delight and I was thrilled from start to finish. I liked everything about it and from the storyline, to the acting, everything felt authentic and fun to be part of. This young couple is wonderfully tested through power of the Brass Teapot for our delight and it's funny to see how people can really go out of their way through greed. But let's face it, we would all do the same. Great surprise.

Todd W (mx) wrote: haha this is awesome, cant wait!

Andrew N (ca) wrote: tough to watch but well worth seeing it through

Amanda B (nl) wrote: My mom has seen this movie and loves it oddly enough...I still have yet to see it.

Eliabeth H (nl) wrote: This movie is so cute and funny love the seal in it

Gail A (ca) wrote: This was a favotite in the 1970's. First time I had seen Cicely Tyson act and the story line of the Mother keeping her children safe while her husband who would not hurt a fly, is sent to prison was so beautiful

Peter W (es) wrote: i saw this for the first time in my 10th grade spanish class. i was the only person laughing. quite simply this movie changed my life

Sam S (gb) wrote: how is this movie PG it was so depressing